Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yikes!! It's been over a month!

Sorry! Time is speeding by this year and especially this fall. I'm sorry to say that I dropped my camera after taking the picture of the fabric postcard group. Bummer - so it had to go to the 'doctor' this month. Luckily for me, it was just a lens mounting bracket that needed replacement ... of course, it was on backorder. But it's back now.

Last week I was traveling for 5 days. Went up to Portland to pick up the camera lens; take back the new glasses that make me dizzy and see the kids. It had been three weeks! I got to Portland Nov 1st so was able to hear all about trick and treating.

We listened in when Miss P told Beachpapa about Halloween:
BPapa: "How was Halloween?"
Miss P: in very soft voice, "I was saared." [scared]
BPapa: "What?"
Miss P: in slightly louder voice, "I was saared."
BPapa: "what?"
Miss P: in very loud voice, "All right, I freaked out!"

At the 8th house they went to - 5:30 in afternoon, man answered the door in a very scary mask! Miss P screamed and ran with Mr M - the elephant - trying to run too.

He took off the mask and offered her 10 candy bars if she would come back. NOPE! She went home and enjoyed opening the door for their T&T-ers. But she's already planning what she will be next year! So I don't think anyone was permanently saared!!

Wednesday I headed for Newport and a visit with S - a quilting friend. We'd seen the Crabapple Hill pattern "Over the river and thru the woods" and loved it. S does marvelous hand embroidery but didn't want to do the piecing. So-o she did the embroidery for both quilts and I am doing the piecing for both. We didn't stick with the original browns and blacks - S has fresh red and green and I went with scrappy.[no surprise here!] I had done this type of exchange years ago and didn't realize that getting both parts done at the same time was so special! Thanks C for your wonderful applique!

I had S's blocks done and she had just my embroidery done ... so nothing to put together yet!! But I'm working on my blocks and hope to get the top together yet this year. I'll keep you posted!

That's all the news today - I'll save some so I can report in on the weekend and get back on schedule!

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Becky said...

I saw a quilt made from the pattern with the embroidery at guild yesterday. It was beautiful. I'll be glad to see yours.