Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the blustery great NorthWest!

We drove up the coast in SNOW yesterday! Yep, it snowed at sea-level. At times, it was snowing very heavily! We had a mini 'white-out' at one point. And they were Big, Beautiful, wet flakes!

When we went past the Port Orford school - the kids were outside for recess and were running across the playground with their tongues out, catching the snow! Of course, they weren't in proper coats! They probably don't own snow gear! It was fun seeing them, because we did the same thing - didn't you??

Farther north, at Bob's Creek Viewpoint, a van of college-age students had stopped and were having a giant, riotous snowball fight!! We were hurrying to Newport to be in time for a doctor's appointment, but R wanted to stop and join in!! Now he says I owe him a snowball fight. Rats! He used to pitch for the HS team and he's way too good to play snowball fights with. I can't throw with beans and he tags me 20 to 1 of my pitiful throws. The best part of any snowball fight is to go back inside and have hot chocolate!

We headed inland via Hway 20. It was like driving thru a magical winter wonderland. Every tree, branch and plant was coated with the snow. They must not have had any wind or sun yesterday for it to stay all day. The road was clear and we loved the view all the way to Philomath!

Mr M seemed to like his new quilt. He smiled when he opened it. We laid it out on his bed and called him in - he squealed when he saw it!! A man of few words, so far! I'll post a picture of him with the quilt later.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

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Sweet P said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! You can send the snow to me!