Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy week!!

Hooray - Mr M's big boy bed quilt is done! Number 1 is done, at any rate [darn bunk beds]

It all started with a kit I bought 3 years ago on a shop-hop. I was saving it for the 'big boy bed quilt' I knew was coming. But when I got it out - it was too small for a twin. Hmmm, now what? I couldn't find another panel to add to it, that UFO aging process worked against me. So I redesigned it - cutting the kids border into alternate blocks. And of course, buying a new border. Don't you love the fireflies?! I don't collect brights so I tried buying just enough ... I'm hoping I have enough bits and pieces to finish the second quilt!!

I also made my first pair of pillow cases to go with it[them]. The large animals on white was supposed to be the back of the quilt. I had just enough to make two pillowcases.

My DD asked me to make 'initial' post card type things to mark cubbies they now have. I didn't think they needed to be that big - and I had some strips that were just 3 1/2 inch so I made 3 1/2 inch squares. I love them - and would love to figure out a way to use them as luggage tags - but they're too flimsy to stand up to the wear and tear!

We're heading up to Portland for Thanksgiving Tuesday. I have a doctor's appointment in Newport on the way up. A & J2 are joining us on Thursday - it will be fun to have everyone together for the day! Happy turkey day to all!

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cityquilter said...

i love your quilt and the pillowcases too, soo pretty and ideal for your little guy, thanks for posting the photos and have a happy holiday