Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still plugging away!

March weather at the coast. We've been having HUGE waves lately - no beach to walk. Too scary!!
I'm going to frame and pin baste that last quarter of the wedding quilt today! Hope to have it quilted by Saturday and spend Sunday putting all 4 quarters together. Then I'll have to see what solid or dark tone-on-tone I have for binding. Anything will go with this scrap quilt!

Also have been traveling up and down the highway - from Portland to Newport, from Newport to Brookings ... both condos look pretty big after 'living in my car'!

That reminds me of my Mom and Dad traveling to Mexico with their trailer every winter. When they came back and moved into their 1000 square foot lake house, they thought it was spacious. As Dad said, "It's walls as far as you can see!"

Miss P joke - in the car she told mommy that she learned the letter W.

Mom: "what starts with W?"

Miss P: "wet, water, whale, weally"

Mom: "What's weally?"

Miss P: "You know, mommy - weally."

Mom: "Use it in a sentence."

Miss P: "I weally want a new toy!!" LOL! Gotta love 3 yr olds!!!

Okay - off to work - just wanted you to know I'm alive and kicking!

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