Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Believe it or not - the wedding quilt is DONE!

Let me just say here - I love the design. I think that it came thru as I'd imagined. I saw the zigzag log cabin design in a lap quilt on Mary Johnson's website. I just enlarged it and added the "Love Stamps" which are fun - better in person, they don't look so tiny. It's 90% from stash!! I had to buy a few yellows [not my favorite color] so I figure 15-18 yards from the stash. Would be more, but I bought the back. I also learned alot working on this quilt.

Number 1: If you're making a very large quilt. Don't make the joins on the half - think about it - how do you fold large sheets? Do you really want to fold on the joined batting/backing seams over the years? Too bad I didn't think of that before ... the poor happy couple will be told to fold it in thirds for the rest of it's life ... poor babies!!

Number 2: It would have been better to seam the backing, the batting and then handsew the front joining it together. I did it the opposite and am not thrilled with the how the logs 'fluffed up'. I doubt anyone else is going to notice ... until I point it out!!! LOL! Which I will practice NOT doing tommorrow at guild! I promise.

Number 3: Just because you have enough blocks doesn't mean you really should make it that big! A 98"x98" quilt would have been just as good! And easier to handle when sewing!!

Number 4: Maybe I overreacted to all the quilt repair I've been required to do since retiring out here ... but when machine quilting on my DSM - I used a specialty stitch that takes a 'divot stitch' on each side of the seam when stitching 'in the ditch'. I think it will be stronger for heavy use ... but it doesn't look elegant enough for a wedding quilt! Speaking of elegance - what exactly does a mother of the groom wear to a 'camping wedding? Beige khakis???

But, I'm thrilled to have it done before all the excitement of moving and the wedding celebrations/company starts! Not that I'm done with wedding stuff - I volunteered to make 8 totebags for the wedding party - I MUST have been HIGH on chocolate!! They will have to wait til I get back from Nebraska next month. Maybe even after we move!

I am so-o behind on all the other little projects that were on hold for the last month! Today I worked on mom's birthday wallquilt; but behind on about 5 other projects too! But it's DONE!! Let the celebration begin!!


Becky said...

Your quilt turned out beautiful! I love the rickrack setting, the colors, just all of it. I'm so impressed you quilted it on a DSM.

Joni said...

I love the way it turned out. You did an awesome job! And to be finished months before the wedding...unbelievable!! --Joni

artlady said...

Wow, what an awsome quilt!! You did and amazing job.... and before the pre-wedding rush too. I'm more than impressed.
Now as for what the MOG (mother-of-groom) wears to a camping wedding; you are on your own here. Just how "camping" are we talking? Is it outdoorsy in a nature setting or is this some Outward Bound experience with a wedding in the middle of Big Foot country? Just whip up some classy outfit made out of Gortex and you got it. ~Diane

the writer said...

What a beautiful quilt! Congratulations on both the finish & the stash busting.

Brenda said...

Well now that you told us there was a oopsie is under the love sign, the one red block is turned....Remember that in the good ole days they purposly did's still a beautiful quilt.....Brenda

Helen in the UK said...

Saw your message on Stashbuster about the humilty block and had to come see. Well, I looked, and looked and couldn't see. Then I individually traced each zig-zag and ... there it is. I don't think many people are going to notice as the overall pattern fools the eye :)