Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The lull before the storm!

Yep, we've had stormy weather here this last week - but I'm talking about Miss P hitting the coast. She's probably on her way with Papa right now! I have a haircut appointment today and DH said if I rode along I would be sure to jinx it - we wouldn't get back in time ... so I have made room in the sewing room for the royal port-a-crib, vacuumed and scrubbed floors. Now I'm going to enjoy the quiet - for a little while.

What a spring! I am so glad I got the wedding quilt done - but it put me way behind! I had a "LIST" to accomplish before today and I've only got a tiny bit of hand binding left. What a relief!

I went up to a favorite quilt shop an hour from home this month to get Thimbleberries panels for wall quilts for my mom. Last year there were 6 different designs there to pick from - this spring - not a one!! Panic! But they had a new pattern. Kim Schaefer's Calendar Quilts - 12 months of fun fusible projects. Looked cute - but it was sealed and didn't really tell the size of the finished wall quilts. It's sealed in a large envelope - not really a pattern, but not a book either! New packaging - which seems to be the up and coming thing! When I got it home - the size was 2" too big for mom's space! [Just once I'd like it to be the right size!!!] The layout-pattern is lifesize which created a few problems at the copy machine reducing it!!

BUT they turned out darling! My colors aren't as bright as Kim's but they are both all from stash so life is good. 'A Little Spring' is for Mom's 92nd birthday next week and 'Picnic Season' is for Mom's day. I followed the pattern exactly on the flowers [those of you who know me - take a deep breath - I know it's a shock!!] but it was a little busy [that will teach me!!] So when I did the watermelon I left off the squares in the borders and I like it better!!

So I'm chasing Miss P for the next day and a half and then back up to Portland on Friday - I leave for Nebraska at o'dark-thirty Saturday morning. I'm not taking my laptop computer this trip - DH will be alternating his time between Brookings and Newport and he needs it. So who knows how much I'll be online. I'm trying to relax on this trip - take deep breaths because the next three months will be a blur with the move and then the wedding. Be patient - there will be weekly posts again - someday!!

By the way - when I logged on to my blog to write this - I admired the wedding quilt for the umpteenth time ... and noticed a humility block! Good grief! We didn't see it when I was laying it out, while I was sewing each quarter and when I sewed it together!!! And as far as I know - no one else noticed it either! Let me know if you can find it!!! LOL! At this point - it's there forever!!


Becky said...

The humility block just looks like you are giving special treatment to the LOVE block above. Don't say a word about it to the recipients and they will never see it. It's not a mistake, it's a design element! Have fun in Nebraska!

swooze said...

2nd row from and red....really had to study it!

Move? I know you have been looking but a decision has been made huh?

the writer said...

I found the block. . . but I don't think it's really that glaring. I'd be mumm about it.