Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas to all ... and to all a good night!

Santa's workshop is now officially closed - well, mostly! I have one more present to do on the computer! No sewing involved.

Here's the pumphouse our garden club "The Bloomers" decorated for the holidays. As we were on the ladders putting up wreaths, S wondered why we didn't have men in the club - to help with the heavy work. I said, "It might be the name!" I thought she was going to chuckle right off the ladder! Since it's right by the gate you can see that 'arm' in the pictures. Cute as a button! The day we put up all the stuff was C*O*L*D! But it was worth it!

The last project I just finished is a present ... and although I doubt 'daughter-dear' will be checking out my blog ... I took a picture and will post it next weekend.

I did get carried away with this new pattern for a snowman ornament. I gave up wool last year when we moved here! Thanks, C for sending supplies!!! But isn't he adorable?? There's also a Christmas penny rug that I had to have - it will be an UFO for next year.

Here's my fabric Christmas cards - they turned out alittle 'too too!' If you know what I mean! I was making 16 fabric bookmarks for the ladies that helped with the recovery quilt - so I had a bright idea to use the same background for the pcs too. Not my favorite design BUT I did get both projects done! By the way, they look better by ones - not the whole group!!!

This year for the "Pushpin" show at the Visual Arts Center here in Newport I hung 6 fabric postcards in 'bell-pull' fashion. Winter, Valentine, spring, summer, fall and Christmas. Named it "A year on the coast". There were only 2 fabric entries - have to get the guild to work on that!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season. Here's to more love, laughter and of course, quilting in 2010!

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