Monday, December 28, 2009

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas

We sure had a great time. Everyone was together. Portland was not raining and nice enough that we could bundle up and go for walks. Always a plus!

There were lots of wonderful presents. It's always fun to see others open presents that you picked for them ... it's great when they're excited too! I scored on what I gave DH - he's an insomniac and loves to watch stars in the middle of the night. Can't afford a telescope this year ... but I found some astrology books that were pretty exciting! AND I managed to keep secrets this year - he runs the budget so that's not exactly easy!!

We bought Robeez - little moccasins for Mr M. He's one and just started walking last month. Doesn't care for shoes ... takes them right off. Well, these are great because toddlers can't get their own shoes off! I put them on him - and he walked around like he was wearing swim fins!!! "What am I stepping on??" LOL! It was a riot to watch!

And Miss P loved all her presents and Mr M's too! She got two tea sets ... so lots of tea was served. There was a talking Buzz Lightyear that I bumped when putting presents under the tree - 'hush you stupid toy!!!' The other nana bought her the prettiest "PINK-A-LICIOUS" dress - what fun!!! And you always like to dress up for tea!

This is one of the last presents I sewed this year. Remember Mr M was a bat for Halloween because he loves to hang upside down? When I saw this embroidery pattern here - I just had to make it. I must admit I was more excited about it than my daughter. But it will grow on her - it's a Halloween decoration to remember his first Halloween.

My relatives in Nebraska were snowed in separately-at their own houses. Cell phones were ringing each other every minute or so - "what are you doing now? Is it still snowing there????" LOL! But they got together today, so all is good.

Question of the season: Why is it the person you finally decide to give up sending Christmas cards to ALWAYS sends YOU one - usually arriving on Christmas Eve???

It's that time of year for me. I have to get out the books and the lists and see what my totals are for this year. I'll let you know later this week. How many projects done? How many books read? I think we can pretty much skip how much weight lost AGAIN! Stay tuned ... the analysis is on it's way!

Today - Dec 28 is our wedding anniversary. 37 years this year. time sure flies when you're having fun! Isn't it amazing when you've been together far longer than you were without each other. And I'm the first to admit that I'm a spoiled brat! My DH takes great care of me. He even gave me a gift certificate for a favorite quilt shop in Portland for Christmas! What an enabler!!! Oh, I'm sure he'll be a curmudgeon many times this year - but I'll just have to coax him out of it as usual!

A Miss P story - you know you love them. As I was saying goodbye yesterday. I said, "When Nana and Papa come back next week we're going to have a New Year's Eve party when mommy and daddy go out. Won't that be fun???" She looked me straight in the eye and asked her mommy if she could go with them!!! Oh well, she had mommy call me tonight so she could tell me something, "I love you and I miss you!" A sign of a guilty conscience don't you think!!!

Lucky day today! I won FQs on a blog!!! Corky is a hoot - and you should check out her blog too! Thanks, Corky - it's a great prize!

Happy New Year Everyone.

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