Thursday, December 31, 2009

List - the interesting part! Quilting

Okay, both the kids are in bed and L&J are home so ... time to list!

This year I finished 16 quilt projects. Two were bed sized, 2 crib size and the rest were little wall quilts and pillow size. Six were UFOs - woohoo! Mom got FOUR wall quilts from Thimbleberry panels. Two for her birthday and two for Christmas. There were several non-quilty sewing projects too. Three flannel receiving blankets; satin bindings on three kid quilts; and 2 pair of pajama pants for Miss P and Mr M.

I made 40 postcards. I did 6-8 for each season: Valentines, Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas. But it felt like I didn't do as many as usual. I didn't make any 'special' cards, I guess.

Okay - next year's goals.

I've already joined Stashbusters No Buy and the UFO Challenge again. I'm going to keep track of stash used and hope to use 100 yards in a year. You subtract what you use but you add any fabrics that you buy. Ooops!

AND I'm in charge of the "Use your own books" challenge. 'Books' include books, patterns and magazines. It involves making a project inspired by a book you own that you haven't made anything out of. The challenge is to make at least 4 projects ... one for each quarter. And if you have an UFO as a first project from a book ... if you finish it it counts as both an UFO and the use your own book challenge!

Here's hoping that 2010 brings lots of happiness and time for quilting!

Happy New Year!

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gjiquilt2 said...

WOW! I'm amazed that you even keep track! No, I'm not amazed, you do stuff like that. I'm surprised when I find quilts or tops that I actually did it. I did several quilts last year that I only used scraps, that means that my stash didn't go down. Love the info.