Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yet another finished project!!

This is one of the wall quilts I'm giving my mom for her birthday in April. It's a panel, I had to narrow it to fit in the space - so cut off the outer border. I also had to shorten her - so I took a little pleat right above her head. I free-motioned most of the quilting. I radiated the lines out from the heart on the necklace and I'm really happy how it came out. If you blow the photo up - you might be able to see those lines ... the flash flattened it out - have to work on the old photography skills!

Any powerpoint experts out there? I'm making a pps photo album. Is there any way to have the file names automatically print under the pictures? I know I can type them into the text box but with over 500 of them - I don't want to! I appreciate any tips! Thanks!

Happy St Paddy's day to all. A little Irish joke: "It's okay to pretend you're Irish on St Patrick's Day. After all, we pretend we're good on Christmas!"

Here's one of the little Leprechauns I was babysitting today! Mr M will be 4 months old tomorrow. Maybe that's why he was up most of the night last night - worried about his fleeting youth! His sister Miss P was much too busy to pose for pictures today - anything I took ended up a blur!

Last picture was the moon set last week - I just happened to raise the shade and caught it - by the time I ran to get the camera it was setting behind the clouds - still pretty cool!


Sweet P said...

The quilting on the panel is cool!

Mr M looks like he's ready to be mischievous! I hope you had a good day with him.

I don't have the answers for you on Powerpoint. I hope someone comes along with them. I'd like to know the answer too.

Nanci said...

I think over at Moda Bakeshop they have the figure on another quilt.
It is added to the quilt. Looks really good.