Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wedding Quilt finished

I got busy today and bound and labeled it. Have I told you lately I'm really tired of pink??? I'm tempted to burn the extra! But I'll just hide it away in my pink stash drawer. Someday I picture a pink crazy quilt - I'll name it "Not crazy about Pink!" An idea for the next fool who requests pink from me! Hopefully not any time soon.

When I took it to the LAer I said, "It's a wedding quilt so I'm thinking something with hearts." She assured me that was no problem - and then quilted 20 hearts in each block. It has 720 hearts quilted on it - so I named it "720 Warm Wedding Wishes for J & S" Glad to see it done. Next on the list is the 2 wall quilts for my mom. Need them done before April 4 - when I take off for Nebraska to visit her.

Oh, and a few spring postcards ... narrowing down the pattern this week.

Keeping my eye on the sunset here. Very interesting so far! Oh pooh! DH was right, the sunset just greyed out - but it was a good day anyway!


swooze said...

Very nice. Done is good.

Sweet P said...

Wow! What a gorgeous quilt!

Annie said...

Love the wedding quilt...so pretty!

: )