Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Busy week!

We found it! The true generation gap!!! How can kids take this type of picture and have it come out???? LOL! Last Thursday L from southern California stopped by on her way to Portland for a family wedding. L and I met in the Yahoo Stashbusters group and she invited me to join one of her postcard groups too. We've 'known' each other for a few years. Her children were aghast that she was going to stay with me AND she was going to allow me to ride with her up to Portland! But we had no problems - except for the above photo! That's me on the right!!!

Friday we headed up the coast - despite the weather NOT cooperating. We saw a bald eagle fishing/hunting by the lighthouse. Shopped alittle in McMinnville and visited nonstop and in-person for hours. Fun! Thanks for the ride! Friday afternoon, she dropped me at my daughter's house and went her merry way - I babysat Friday night while the kids went out for dinner. I babysat saturday while my daughter went shopping with a friend and her DH worked. I pretty much had Sunday off - DD ran to IKEA while the kids were napping - and I babysat! Monday and Tuesday I babysat during the day while everyone was at work - and made supper most nights too! Did absolutely no quilting! Today I rested!! 2 1/2 yr-olds are always busy!!

However, my daughter and her husband held a 'soup intervention'! They seem to think that soup season is officially over [in March??] - at least at their house! My husband was surprised to hear that - and reassured me there was no such soup problems at the coast! Good thing - cause that's one of my favorite meals - ever!

The next three weeks are going to be a blur - alot of quilting including a retreat for 3 days and then a visit back to Nebraska for my mom's 91st birthday. During that 10 day trip I'm going to squeeze in lots of time with mom and my family; a night with my ScrapHappens small quilting group; a guild meeting; lunch with the office bunch; the water aerobics-social club 5:15 class AND a quilt til you wilt quilting session at a friend's house! I'm sure I'll need a vacation after this vacation! So- if I don't blog for awhile - you'll know I'm having fun!


Nanci said...

Good for you to have found a new friend here on the blog!
My daughter joined a chat room, there were about 10 women who really got along as well as a couple of guys! It's about 7 years now and the girls who are left from Canada and the US have met 3 times for a girl weekend. How fun is that!
Women just have the trust to do things like that.
Have fun...the grandkids will be grown up tomorrow, so enjoy these days. I miss the time when they were much so that we go looking for youngsters!

Sweet P said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful visit in Portland. I always enjoy meeting internet friends. It's always a lot of fun. Have fun the next three weeks.