Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Sewing! What's better than that?

Some stashbusters are having a mini retreat today - the official retreat is in two weeks. After a walk along the beach this am I've been nose to the grindstone today. It feels great - and I got two sets of fabric postcards done. An online post card group I belong to kind of derailed this summer and we're trying to get back on track. So we still had the summer cards to exchange and the fall ones - I got both done-done today! Hooray - I'm ready for the partners to be assigned and then I can mail them - I usually mail by the deadline but I'm not usually ready before partners are assigned! Yay for me!

On to the guild BOMs due this thursday. This month the applique block and the pieced block go together in the same wall quilt - very cute. I don't always participate but this was really cute. You can see the blocks if you go to the guild website. Pick "Blocks" on the menu on the left.

This guild has a great method for hostesses too. I'm now co-chair of the Hostess committee - but it's easy. Whoever has a birthday during the month brings a snack - so nobody has to pitch in more than once a year. If you miss your month you might be asked to fill in during the next month we need someone - but if you brought snacks - you're not asked again til your birthday again!

A friend came over this afternoon to learn how to bind. Thankfully I was able to find my 'binding square' that I made in a binding class 'oh-so-many-years-ago'. A great quilter in Lincoln - who won many, many ribbons at the state fair, taught us a revolutionary way to bind! No pins! Of course, it's the standard binding method now - but I remember being amazed. I totally recommend making a binding square example of what ever method you use. I honestly don't remember all the tips from finish to finish so it's good to pull the example out and read my tips.

Here's some tips on my square:
No seams on binding at corners.
Best width is 2 - 2 1/4" depending on thickness of batt.
Start 4" from beginning of binding - leaving space to tuck in other end.
Stop 1/4" from corner; fold 45 degrees up and fold straight down next side; sew from edge.

Well, off to make the blocks - and to wash the charm squares fabric! Almost forgot that!

doni @ Oregon coast

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Rhonda said...

Hello Doni! We have something in common.....I swap postcards as well. Our group is going strong so far. I love you reminder tip about binding. It's nice to be able to refer back to notes and examples. Take care and have a great week.