Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Post Card time!

We've talked about this before Postcards vs quilting time. Postcards are instant gratification; an easy way to play with different techniques but when all is said and done ... that's a day you could have been quilting! I go back and forth on this issue but one thing about it - I don't have postcard UFOs! :> What's your vote?

Here are the "Summer at the beach" postcards; the "Fall leaves" [May your blessings be as abundant as fall leaves.]; and my weird imaginary pet postcards - "The Stash Monster"! [You don't really own a stash monster - for like a cat - it owns you!] I always make one of each postcards for my own collection.

I'm reading a book by Peter Walsh - "It's All Too Much" about simplifying your possessions - but I'm really hoping to find his second book, "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat!" LOL! It all started with the subject of flinging unused items that came up on Stashbusters last week and it really rang a bell with me.

In June, I moved from a large house - that we had lived in for 22 years in Nebraska to a small Oregon condo and we've stuffed the sewing room and our stuff into the condo with certain style! It doesn't look like it's going to explode - at least not when I'm not quilting on something!!! BUT I'm constantly shifting something from here to there to fit something else in ... not my idea of fun. So reading the book really helped me start to change my mind-set.

I have an old dresser that we were using for 'overflow' - but L remarked how she'd love that dresser for the baby's room ... and that was the catalyst - because, darn-it! - it would look nice with the floor they put in.


gjiquilt2 said...

I vote for quilting, unless I get a postcard. However, is that more clutter because I can't throw any away? The books sound great, when do we get your help/knowledge? gjiquilt2

Sweet P said...

Your postcards are gorgeous. Don't feel guilty about not quilting when making postcards. When you're quilting, you're not making postcards. It works both ways.

I understand about overflow. When we moved into our condo we gained a lot of space and I though we'd never fill it. Guess what? I still have boxes of stuff in the basement that haven't found a home elsewhere in the house.

We've only bought three new pieces of furniture since we moved in: a kitchen island that is in my studio, a display shelf for the master bathroom and a desk.