Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Week of Olympics done and large quilt bound!

It's been exciting watching the Olympics and I'm happy to report that my queen-sized bedspread is bound!!! This is the first quilt I made - 34 years ago! A baby blocks built in a pyramid! The back is a sheet!!! Ignorance is bliss - and this wasn't using the cheater's method of baby blocks - any seam on this quilt only goes straight for 4 inches!!! My MIL and her friends quilted it and she did a knife-edge binding on it. The whole quilt isn't holding up very well - but the binding really was bad! So I trimmed it and rebound it and it will look great on our new bed - if it ever comes!!! [whine, whine, whine] The bed has side rails so the sides are okay that short! We haven't had a queen size bed for at least 30 years! The quilt will be glad to get out of the closet!

Note the wonderful "bedside tables" in place - a suitcase on one side and a pile of boxes on the other!!! Martha Stewart, eat your heart out! Note it's also another foggy day on the coast - but still light enough not to use the flash!

Next week won't be as productive - we get to babysit Miss P in Portland tomorrow and probably won't be back til Tuesday evening. Next up for binding is an antique Grandmother's Flower Garden I had quilted last spring ... I'll need to research how to bind that! Rats! This is exactly why it's not bound yet - the need to research. Research and borders always slow me down!


Linda said...

Doni, why do you need to research? When I've bound "awkward"edges I simply use my same old straight cut 2" wide folded in half binding and machine it on one side. It's a lot of starting and stopping cause they're itty bitty flower pieces on a flower garden, but the same old turned corners that you turn and fold onto the back. I must admit (blush), I machine stitch the back of my binding as well (which is actually on the front of the quilt). Anyway, just my thoughts--just think how much you'll like having it bound--no matter how much research you have to do!!!

Shasta said...

It looks great. I too have had to rebind a couple of quilts. I think it is worth it considering the amount of effort it took to make them in the first place.

Sweet P said...

I love the quilt! The colors are fantastic!