Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Almost perfect morning on the beach!

Woke up late - darn those Olympics! And the wind had already come up - that's the reason it wasn't 'perfect' out there. Walked south and there were alot a rocks washed up - always fun to look for agates.

And there were hundreds of sea birds for company today - sometimes there are hardly any - other times, like today there were flocks and flocks of them hanging around

So R and I walked a mile and a half south and then he turned around to get back to the market - I meandered alittle further and looked for rocks all the way home. Ended up with 2 agates, no beach glass and 72 rocks for 'my outdoor rocks' collection!

What was especially cool today though, was the birds flying along side of me. I'd be walking along and here they would come - winging by. So close - and no - I didn't get any bird doo dropped on me! :> the other cool thing was - I had absolutely nothing pressing to do. I could stay out there as long as I wanted! So I enjoyed it for over two hours!!! For what seems like the first time in my life I don't have a schedule dictating my actions. Even when on vacation I was always aware of how long I had until it was back to 'regular life'. Isn't retirement wonderful???

This isn't my photo - but it had the feeling of today - definitely a day to remember on the beach!


Sweet P said...

You did a wonderful morning at the beach. Someday I'll be able to join you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, enjoy it while you can. The rest of us are working so you can enjoy it for us. Yes, I'm envious of the walk on the beach and collection of agates, but too many rocks! I need you to get my quilting back on track! gjiquilt2

Quilting Journey said...

You'll have to admit, Oregon is even more beautiful after a few months of rain washes it all nice and shiny clean. When the sun comes out on the coast you just have to love it. Nothing prettier!!!!