Saturday, August 2, 2008

Anyone else get locked out of blog-dom?

I got locked out of my blog - they were checking for spam blogs - I had to email back saying I was legit! Well, that's never happened before! Just when I had lots to say - and of course, I've forgotten it all now!

The Newport Quilt Show is on this weekend. It's very nice - they've organized it really well with the same size and technique quilts hanging together - you can vote for your choice in many categories. Six of us went over Friday morning and a few really enjoyed the vendors around the edges! I stayed legal, Stashbusters! I go back to work again on Sunday and take photos.

We walked the beach this morning and saw an otter in the water. That's a first here. R says I never see anything because I'm too busy looking for agates - but I spotted the otter first! And still managed to find 5 agates on my walk!

We're headed to Lincoln City today to see the sand castle building contest. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


swooze said...

Mary from maryquilts said she was. I haven't tried yet. I got the adorable shirting you sent. Thanks!

Sweet P said...

I've seen a few comments from bloggers who have been locked out of their blogs. I haven't been locked out, at least not yet.

Susan said...

Several of my friends were. I don't use blogspot, so I didn't have a problem.