Friday, July 20, 2007

Redwoods and a Whale!

A and his girlfriend are staying with us for a few days. Yesterday after walking the beach during low tide. We headed out for lunch and on down to the Redwoods. Last year we discovered the main campground and picnic area of Jedediah Smith Park and we explored that further. Walked across the summer bridge into Stout Grove. After walking, A showed us that he still remembered his rock skipping lessons from Dad. There are good rocks there and even against the ripple of the river he got 6-10 skips most of the time. Can you tell that I love the little joys of life!

This morning there was a small whale in the cove. We were sitting in the alcove of the condo watching the pelicans. They were back in force today. And - wait a minute, what was that??? Yep, caught about 10 spouts and a glimpse of his back and tail. He hung around for 30 minutes or so. I was just about to wake the kids to see him, and off he went.

Heard from L that Miss P took her first step this week. Told her to make her practice so we can see her before heading back to NE in 2 weeks.


Quilting Journey said...

Great job setting up your blog! You're on your way! Let's hope blogger plays nicely with you and the gremlins don't come in and cause any mischief. If they do, you write a blog about it, because all of us will understand!

cher said...

terrific! sounds like you are having a wonderful time..

Anonymous said...

gj said...Great job setting up the blog! I'm very jealous of the view. I want to sit there and sew and watch the whales. However, I have the DVD and can play them over and over, but it's not the same. Enjoy it while you can, life isn't the same when you return to reality.