Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Life on the Oregon Coast

Hi! I'm doni, a quilter from Lincoln Nebraska. I work for the University of Nebraska and am lucky to have enough vacation to spend July in Oregon. My DH and I love missing the heat of July back home and we are always excited to spend time on the Oregon coast.

My children are grown and both live out here. L is my married daughter (J is her husband) with a 10 month old baby girl - Miss P - living in Portland. A is my son who lives in Ashland. He's not married - yet - but we really like the gal he's serious about so we're hoping it works out.

We spent the first week of vacation up in Portland. We got a lot of babysitting time with Miss P - she's growing so fast. Aren't grandkids fun??? Everything they do is delightful and you can always hand them back to mom when they're too fussy.

I managed to hit 3 quilt shops and participate in the Oregon "Road to Inspiration" shop hop. My favorite shop in Portland (so far) is Pine Needle in Lake Oswego. I love their shop set up and of course, I'm a big fan of their sale area.

I got to go to Speckled Hen in Wilsonville this time. They are going to be in the Top 10 Quilt stores this fall. Cool shop and I loved their shop.

Friday we headed to Sisters for the Outdoor Quilt Show on July 14. Sisters is a great town - I love visiting there. This year during the quilt show they closed the highway through town and it was GREAT! We didn't miss the exhaust or the livestock trucks stuck in traffic. It opened up the whole town. You could step back and get a picture of the quilts hanging on the buildings. Great job!!

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