Monday, July 30, 2007

On the Road Again

The last days in Brookings have been awesome! Our usual great weather showed up and we enjoyed 4 days of sunshine. We visited our favorite beaches and today drove up 101 and visited our favorite viewpoints! At night, well, we sit in the alcove and watch the full moon reflect off the ocean - and it's perfect.

This vacation has sped by. I didn't get much quilting done. Nor reading. I'm not exactly sure what we did do besides relax and refresh. I always pack too much - of the wrong things! I brought books, magazines, piecing, applique, quilting, my wool penny rug and counted cross stitch. And I'll haul it all home! I just didn't know what I'd be in the mood to do - who knew it would be "none of the above"! LOL!

As we head up the coast tomorrow we'll meet L, J and Miss P for 2 days on the by Lincoln City and Depoe Bay and then back to their house in Portland. I probably won't be able to post again until I get home Saturday, August 4. Know that I am savoring all the ocean views we see and visiting MANY quilt shops on my way home. See you back in Nebraska.

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Quilting Journey said...

Hey! Relaxing and refreshing is as good as it gets! So glad you are enjoying yourselves! When you're ready to read or sew'll be waiting for you and you'll be excited again to dip into them. Great photo of you in your profile're learning curve is speeding up :)