Sunday, January 12, 2020

The Ocean is wild this week

High rolling tides - fun to watch - from a window with a hot chocolate!!

We had our first ModSquad meeting of 2020.  We've moved to a new meeting room at the Manley Art Center.  It's going to be great!!  Lots of work space, good lighting, even a bulletin board to pin the projects on!!  Our first challenge for the year was:  VisionBoard.  We got the assignment in November but the majority of the class started working on it after the New Years!  Of course, we were thinking it out during the holidays, but the actual sewing comes later.

I read a lot of 2020 chit-chat on the web.  Glasses came up often with the 2020 vision (perfect eyesight)  BUT I was the only one that had glasses on her challenge piece!!

Next challenge is "Love is in the air" and that was decided before we realized that we would be meeting on Valentine's Day!  Meant to be!!

What a great selection!!

I tried to make a "Candyland-type" game board.  A twisty path thru the year.  The fabric pieces were meaningful steps in 2020.  

Snowflakes - Portland at Christmas
Blue puddles - rainy season
Black is a Japanese fabric. (see below!)  
Hearts - Valentines Day and spending time with loved ones 
Sewing machines
Peas in a pod - healthier eating
Heart in hands - friendships
Pennants - celebrations
The earth - Earth Day and/or will we still be holding together??
Sunny days of summer - Camp Nana/Papa
Patriotic fabric for QOV, Memorial Day, Veterans Day
2 spools of threads - it's always sew, sew, sew before Christmas! 
Sailboats, hoping for smooth sailing!!
And just a sliver of Christmas fabric at the far end of 2020! (Most of it got trimmed off.)

The background is a favorite Sweet Water fabric with event announcements.  And the glasses are combo of 2020 vision (cataract surgery could be this year!) and 'My future's so bright I have to wear shades!'  Raise your hand if you're old enough to remember that song title!!

I've been busy straightening up and packing!  I'm off on Tuesday for a Craft-Tour trip to Japan.  I've never crossed the dateline before.  We'll end up 18 hours ahead of home. So-o will my email that I'm boarding come before or after my email that we've landed???  Time continuum questions!!

We'll be doing some tours, some workshops, visiting temples, a kimono museum, a ride on the bullet train! and TWO days at the Tokyo International Quilt Show!!!  Woot! Woot!!

We'll be in a kaleidoscope class - the spy glass type, not the quilt pattern.  We'll even learn out to make fake food models(?) like the ones outside restaurants internationally!

I've been practicing eating with chopsticks!  It's been interesting, I may come back thinner!!  Will a fork be contraband going thru security????

So excited!!  I'm sure we'll bring back lots of pictures and loads of stories - stay tuned!!

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