Saturday, January 14, 2017

A little bit of this ... a little bit of that ...

The storms are over for a few days, the sun is out, the seals are back on the rocks, all is well.  I'm finally feeling more like me - that respiratory flu I got was a bugger to get rid of (knock on wood!)

This year was a very busy year.  We took the older Grandkids to Disneyland; I went to Road to CA at the beginning of that trip.  Then, in the fall, I went to the Houston Quilt Show and on a Sew Many Places Quilting cruise ... it was a crazy, crazy year.

Note on links:  Some links have more than one quilt discussed.  I linked all the quilts to that same page.  So read the entire entry you're linked to - you may hear about more than one quilt on this list ... then you can skip the links to that same page.

In 2016 I managed to finish 5 bed quilts; 3 throw sized quilts, and 4 various sized wall hangings!  Plus, 15-20 pillowcases; 8 receiving blankets; 8 pj pants for kids; 6 Christmas stockings and 23 fabric postcards!!

Bed quilts:  Plaid Double 9 Patch QOV
                   My son's College Graduation quilt
                   Yipes Stripes KINGsize quilt for DH for Christmas (see below)
                   Mr K's Big Boy Bed quilt - very well received!! (next time)
                   Mr D's Kindergarten SuperHero quilt

Throws:      Baby quilt for new Great-great nephew
                   Two Disney throws for the Gkids who went to Disneyland

Wall Quilts: Mini Fragmented quilt (see below)
                    Guild Traditional Block Challenge
                     Bayshore Red and White Bento Box challenge (kids quilt)
                     Say Uncle Wool on Cotton Class Project (ribbon winner!!)
                     Dancing in the Moonlight - Barbara Shapel class project
                     and a Woolies Stitch Along Totebag

I got 2 ribbons at quilt shows!! But only read 50 books this year!! More on favorites next time.  I was apparently too busy to read(?) or at least too busy to keep track!  AND I lost weight!  Not as much as hoped, (as if!) but a move in the right direction - I'll claim it!!

Here is the Double 9patch QOV 19 fabric pieced back! Bless my QOV quilter - she said it was fine, she didn't mind at all!


Somehow I didn't blog about the Mini Group Fragmented challenge.  We each took a design and fragmented it - handing the project off to the other members to make a part of it.  I'd seen a wall quilt of SF with a line of buildings on you know where (Pinterest!) and I loved it.  I adapted the idea to our condo units sitting on the point above the ocean.  It was a challenge in many ways! It took a village!!

Here's the finished Bento Box Red and White Challenge. Newport has a very active charity project and this quilt went to the Child quilts portion.

Oh the fun I had collecting stripe fabrics with white backgrounds.  Years and years of visiting different areas of the country and shopping with quilting friends ... let's just say it was a million dollar project!!  I saw a stripe quilt on Red Pepper Quilts - I think I started collecting stripe fabrics the very next day!  My DH loved it when he saw the top.  I asked a Long Armer friend to baste it for me and she talked me into just letting her quilt it.  I was going to quilt it with my walking foot.  It was big - 110 x 110 and I think my harp is 10"!!  Thanks C for the great quilting on it. Below is the top on the bed - checking for size.  The color is better in this photo than the ones of it done.  Cheerful - and reminds me of a lawn chair!

Below - finished and on the bed - look, a pillow tuck.  That maybe be pretty 'retro' these days, but is anyone else tired of stacking pillows in shams every night and putting them back up every morning??  Yes, I know it doesn't sound like a hard life ... but I'm glad this one is big enough for a pillow tuck!

Folded back so you can see the simple curved quilting and the surprise stripe on the back.  You'd think I would have used extra squares - but there weren't enough!!  So I had to actually cut more stripes from the leftover fabrics to get more to make one row 110" long!  Totally worth it though, it makes me smile every time I see it!

I have to find my favorite pictures of Mr K's big boy bed quilt.  AND I have to get back to the sewing room.  I'm a woman on a mission this weekend! I'll be back with more tantalizing details of Life in General!! (tee-hee)

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