Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's T-6 days til the big show!

I'm happy to say that the last entry I said would be in the show is Done-Done!!  Every year I swear that I will NOT -I repeat NOT- enter something that is not done!!  And about every other year I still do that very same thing! [I'm so tired of that part of me that forgets this every time!!]

And here it is!!  Uncle Bouquet  
Catherine Ware of Wild Hare, taught wool classes for the guild in the Fall of 2014.  The flower bouquet was a hoot to work on.  I don't use a lot of big flower fabrics, so I had to go buy some of those.  I don't do 'bling' either, but it's in there. I kept noticing "improvements" that were needed.  It kept getting bigger and busier until I just yelled "Uncle!" (Are you old enough to remember that when you wanted to give up you yelled "Uncle"!??) 

The only other things I need to do this week is put a label on my QOV quilt; and finish a cuddle quilt that is 3/4s done.  It's the cuddle quilt that we started at Finishing School this year - I'd like that committee be able to hang it in their exhibition if they would like to.  Oh, and bake bunches of cookies for the cookie sale we have!

The reason it just got done is because for some unknown reason I decided to hand quilt it rather than machine quilt it.  That slows you down! In the middle of the process I really wonder why I changed my mind, but now that it is done, I like it again!

It's been a glorious spring here.  Gorgeous weather, warm for us but with a cool breeze!   Unless it's a gale force wind ... but that's spring on the Oregon coast.  Regardless of the wind, the flowers have loved our weather!

Just another perfect day on the coast (taken from our balcony!)

Mr D and Mr K together.  It's amazing that they are both sitting still!! We get to babysit them this next month while mommy and daddy go for a trip.

A little woolie block for a secret project!!  Cute isn't it!!  Who else is working on this??

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Karen said...

I could not figure out why the name was Uncle Bouquet and now I understand. And yes, I am old enough to remember crying "uncle". Wonder how that term came about.