Friday, May 13, 2016

Speeding along in life

Or is life speeding along with me!  We had a few days of awesome spring weather - so nice out.  It really reminded us of why we live here.  Not at all like the rainy season 'wondering why-oh-why do we live here?'  LOL!

We had a great week with J.  There was quilting, talking about quilting, shopping for quilting, and even watching TV shows about quilting!  But wait, there's more!!

We had a "chowder eat-off".  Yep, we went to three different restaurants in the Port for chowder lunches on three different days!  The winner shall remain nameless.  J did try the chowder at the airport when she left.  It was NOT in the running!

We went to Crescent City Pool for water aerobics twice.

There was show and tell.  Here is CG showing her Splendid Sampler blocks.

We went to the redwoods for a walk.

 Did you know that J and C were born exactly a year apart??  We know now and they bonded quickly!!

 We tried to walk our beach, but it was too rocky.

J then bonded with Tonka and Meg in Portland - as if she had a chance not to! PS don't tell DD that the dogs were on the couch! -again!!

We (Joni included) got to watch the kids play basketball and baseball games.  Both are good little athletes and played well.  Miss P's basketball game was off a little, something that bothered her much more than us!  She had a great defense game going!

It was a perfect afternoon in Portland.  We were seated in the shade and there was a cool little breeze. And Mr M was adorable as he stood at 1st base and waved at his good friend, from the opposing team, as he ran to first!! Since Mr M was playing 1st baseman, good thing there wasn't a play to screw up!!  It IS hard to throw out your best friend!  Here's Mr M fielding a grounder before the baseball game.  

And the last night we stayed at the Shilo Inn in Beaverton.  This is their lovely courtyard.  Pond behind the gazebo and pool up the hill to the right!

J went home Saturday night.  More fun to come in Houston in November!!! The upside of that was I got to be at my daughter's house Mother's Day morning!  That was fun.  DH made us his famous "Eggs Marinaro"  which is an omelette created by Ed Marinaro at "Mama's" when he played football in Minneapolis.  It's basically a Denver omelette with sausage instead of ham!  Delicious!

Miss P and I also played dolls!  We never do that, but it was so fun!  We changed the doll's clothes and redid her hair ....

Here is our 'girls' picture on Mother's Day.  Three generations all with "Kay" as their middle names!!

And shhhh, don't tell, here is our boys on Father's Day picture (preview!)


DH and I had a lovely ride home along the coast.  We had Chinese take out for dinner.  It's always good to be back at home!  I've been hand quilting my Wool Flower Bouquet all week.  I do hate to quilt against a deadline, but the show is in TWO weeks!!!  So nose to the grindstone.

My good friend D in Redding CA always kids about "O" rocks on the beach.  "That Oprah, she's licensing everything!"  So one thing our beach DOES have right now is lots of rocks - and here's the "O"s I found and one "X"!!  

And wait for it - one "X"!  If you use your imagination!

Happy Spring to everyone!

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Mary said...

How fun! You're going to Houston?? I'm green with envy here...