Saturday, September 12, 2015

Alaskan Cruise Day 3

Sunday At Sea Day or as we refer to it - Queasy day!!  This ship has been rocking and rolling since early last night. No pills for me yet, but queasy off and on all day.  Kind of sucks the joy out of it.  

But should be the only day - we're out on the ocean; at 7 am tomorrow we head back into the Inner Passage.  Crossing my fingers for flat waters again, please!

I went up on the Lido deck this morning at 6 am and it was amazing! The pool was wild! Splashing and slopping continuously.  It's not just our imagination - we are moving in odd ways!! 

I finally figured out where the Fitness Center was and joined the early morning stretch - on the floor on mats! Remember I have two artificial knees and a touch of vertigo!!

What was I thinking??  I survived, but would have preferred to do the stretches in bed or a raised platform!  The floor was hard, the "yoga mat" didn't add much comfort to the stretches!  

And trying to hold positions with the ship rocking was problematic!  I apologized to the gal next to me, I almost turned over all the way and joined her on her mat.  We chuckled and she said that she couldn't see the instructor without her glasses and was following me anyway!! It was the blind leading the halt all the way!

Then I staggered around the deck 3 times for a mile walk!  Weirdest feeling! The floor is up, then down and then all of a sudden you're headed left then right!!! There's no time for cadence - each step is a complete surprise to you!!!  Sea legs, where are you!!

I had breakfast with a father and his daughter from NYC.  He was such a typical NYC male! All about who's in charge!  The daughter was 12 and told me she was "getting too old for Club HAL," Nice little gal. Her mom and brother was on the cruise too, Dad and DD were just having a late breakfast.  Ran into them several times later too.

U and I got out our sewing and sat in the 2nd deck Pinnacle Lounge (sorry,bar was closed, but the window seats were open!) and looked out the window while we sewed.  We're both working on our wool applique bouquet of flowers.  Pictured above; U's on the left, mine on the right.  These are pictures from former work-days. Our final project may differ greatly ... 

We attracted another quilter from Illinois.  She's serious about quilting - she's been to Houston several times and just started when she retired!

One thing I missed on the Quilting cruise I went on last year - participating in what's offered on the ship!  We were busy in quilt classes on our "at sea" days.  Well, that's going to be different this cruise!!

Today I went to a Photo Editing class.  Windows/Microsoft provided a computer lab on board. The teacher was good, and I learned alot!  But I got pretty queasy after looking at the computer with all the movement, the deck windows to the side didn't help either, Solution:  back to cabin for 45 minute nap!  There is an advantage to having an interior cabin - you can sleep anytime - it's always dark!

After lunch went to the Dancing with the Stars on board - an official satellite program with Holland America.  Today they were doing the jive.  It's tempting to join the dancers for a slower dance, we'll see. It's fun to see the dancers that are good, but maybe a little more fun to see others flailing about!

We left that early to go hear the presentation on Alaska's wildlife.  It was very good.  There are 5 types of salmon - using fingers as memory helper -  Chum,(rhymes with thumb), sockeye (pointer finger pokes eye 3 stooges style), king (biggest finger), silver (ring finger), pink (pinkie)!!  There are other names for each type - but they didn't drum that into our minds as well!

Later in the afternoon, I attended another Digital photography class, dealing with cameras.  Standing room only! It wasn't as interesting, but I relearned a few things that helped me remember how to use our Nikon!!  Thank you!  I wasn't excited about reading the instruction book on this wild day!

We went to the movie.  Ketchikan: Our Native Legacy - an excellent short, Emmy winning film.  The interviews with Natives were good. As one Native gentleman said, "The people aboard the ships need to know who we are, because, I think, some of them came here to see us!" 

It's a great film and it was perfect timing to see it.  It got me ready to notice and learn!  The link takes you to the film, it's worth watching.  It's only 27 minutes long - give it a try!

But fighting the "queasies" ran me out of steam today -  After the film we went and just sat on the 10th deck looking out the library window.  But I saw a whale spout quite close to the ship!!  Yay!  It is hard to see a whale spout twice while we're moving.  We're going about 25 mph - and they probably are too.  We're usually going the opposite way and by the time they come back up, we're way past them!! Luckily, someone else spotted it too!  So, on the check list - see whales - check!

Tonight we were lucky - we met L&M going into the cafeteria for dinner. So we got to sit together again and had a pleasant conversation.  Someone at the next table pointed out a rainbow!  Perfect day except for the queasiness - it took out a lot of passengers!  There were a few "clean up on Aisle 9" moments.  I finally took a Dramamine after dinner - and dreamed of being on a roller coaster all night! Please let tomorrow be smoother!


Michele Bilyeu said...
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Karen said...

Although a cruise that involves quilting sounds enticing, I think I would rather be taking part in other things on the ship. Taking a stitching project along seems to be the way to go. The quilters find you and a connection made.