Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summertime and the living is .... crazy!

Well we got home from babysitting in Portland, did the wash and I got to go over to Talent and babysit the 2 year old!  It's not often you get one-on-one with the youngest!  I was so excited!  We had a great time.  Of course, 2 year olds have their own brand of English ... K very carefully told me the exact same thing 5 times!  What - I had no idea.  I just offered him a pear, each time!  I had to laugh, thinking about mom and dad actually giving him what he wanted and he thinking - where's my pear???

He loves to swing - we had a good time at the pocket park close by.  And I got lucky, it was only 80 some and gorgeous that day.  The next 3 days it was over 100.  Summer in the valley is really different than summer at the beach!

Summer brings 70s and high sand on the beach for great walks.  Look at this wide, wide beach.  We're usually skirting the edge of the rocks, but not this week.  We also are having some awesome low tides.  Walk-able beach for over 4 hours!!  Whoo-hoo!

Remember that wonderful cave on our beach?  The one we can walk thru without crouching down?  The sand has filled it - not even our grandkids can walk through now!  This is the entrance.

The Sea Stars are coming back - but today is the first day I spotted one of the little guys!  He would fit into your hand. Too cute,

I belong to two quilt guilds.  Brookings where I live now and Newport where I used to live.  Not attending many meetings, I seem to get only half of any story at any time!!  My fault, I'm sure!  An assignment was to make a 6" 'pot holder'.  On the front we have our name and the "OCQG" or Oregon Coast Quilt Guild on the front.  I pictured me driving up the coast (OCQG or bust) in my usual sedate manner!  LOL!

Every member is supposed to make one. They'll be hung at the August show.  I'll let you know how they'll display them. I'm curious too!

Today I walked into the living room and peeked out the windows and look what I saw!  Never saw this in our isolated area before!  We only get to wonder - they never tell us their story.  What are you doing here?  Where are you from and really, where do you think you're going????  It was fun to see though!

A & J & the boys are coming for the weekend! Should be fun, fun, fun!!


Mary said...

Did you ever find out what he was asking for? Cute potholder. I made one last week for my DIL. It still needs to be delivered so I haven't shared it yet. Love seeing your Beach phots. Someday I will go to the beach and it will be sunny...

barbara woods said...

was looking at your profile , we have a lot in common , in books and music