Saturday, June 20, 2015

Beach weekend a success!!

I told you last week that A&J2 and the boys were coming over for the weekend and they did.  We had really good weather for playing on the beach and sitting out on the deck with a beverage! Two little guys, 2 yrs old and 4 yrs old certainly make their presence known!  And a great time was had by all!

First thing we had to do is go down to our beach at low tide. Mr K wasn't too sure about those waves!! Can you hear his little scream??

Yes, it was a little windy - but its the beach in June - we expected that!  Hold on to my hands, so you don't blow away!! Beach Papa has the plan in hand!

If Beach Nana makes a heart, we must come and stand in it!  NOT stomp it, thank you!

Sunday morning was the walk in the forest.  A and Mr K lagged behind, but Mr K walked the whole way to the bridge - amazingly enough!  Mr D kept up with Nana and Papa, pointing out lots of things to us too.

It's not an official visit without going to Lone Ranch Beach to throw rocks in the stream.  The adults help collect the rocks and the boys are in charge of tossing them for the max splash!  This beach is easy access for little legs (and tired grown-ups!) Perfect for the end of the day.

Sunday afternoon we went to the concert in the park.  Brought a picnic lunch and spent quality time at "Kidtown" playground. Forgot to take any photos. (Bad Nana!) But sometimes you're just too involved in the activities! Stayed for a few songs, then it was obviously time for Mr K's nap.

If we're at Lone Ranch we MUST take a picture with the "elbow driftwood!" J is facing the hills.

And again with Nana, who is facing the beach!

The entourage left Monday morning - between wash loads, Nana kind of sat in the silence, drinking it up!

Tuesday 4 of us got together to work on these little gems!  It was great fun, although it was a cool day, I handed out sweatshirts and we sat out on the deck for lunch!  We all got excited about this project from a workshop last year - time to get going again, as we'd all like to put these in the quilt show next spring.  (Fingers crossed!)

Tomorrow we head to Crater Lake to meet friends from Nebraska!  Fun, fun, fun!!

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