Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The calm after the storm!

Finally, the Oregon coast was included in our nation's crazy weather this year.  We got hit by the edge of the "pineapple express" storm from Hawaii.  Lots of wind and rain.  7+ inches over the 9 days and the wind!  I thought I was back in Nebraska!!

We live in a condo on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean.  See the bottom of this page for the view from our deck! We're on the second floor and in the middle of the building.  I rarely hear any weather.  I heard it this weekend!  In fact, the wind woke me up - it was whipping around our building, we were reminded of the Old Father Hall on the UNL campus.  You would be fighting the wind to get in the door on the West side of the bldg and see through the entry hall - someone fighting to get in the door on the East side!! It was strange but apparently not just in Nebraska!

While I was Christmas shopping last December, I received a coupon for $20 off at Shutterfly.  I squirreled it away, in the "I'll think about this later" file.  It was good through Jan 31!  Well, I found it January 30th!  I scrambled through favorite pictures on the computer and compiled a book.  It was so easy and the service was awesome.  They actually delivered the book on the day they said!!  Amazon says, 5 days but it's often 12-15!!  We ARE on the edge of the civilized world here.

I didn't really have time to put captions under the pictures.  It seemed like there was only one text box under multiple photos - that's a pain.  So I skipped it!  I figured if I needed explanations, there's always my Pigma pen!  And of course, I'm already thinking about the next collection!  Here are some of the photos I printed in no particular order:

Boyd family gathering. Lincoln NE

Mr M kissing Miss P

Nana and papa welcome Mr D

Granny meeting Mr D

Family picture with the Grandmas - Lincoln 

At A&J's wedding

Don't you love Mr M's face??

A&J's wedding

More next time - when I can find them again!  If you haven't looked at Shutterfly lately, I recommend you go and see what they can do now!

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