Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentines Day to US!!

It's hard to remember it's February - we have a gorgeous weekend here.  It's actually in the 70s!!  We don't even get that in the summer.  AND we had an awesome low tide to walk.  S*C*O*R*E!

I shouldn't mention that we're grilling out salmon for dinner!  Don't be too jealous - we also had 10 days of storms this month too - with more to come, I'm sure!  But, for today, I'm just enjoying it!

My Valentine and I went to a movie and dinner last night.  I had picked up some coffee beans and some red wine for him last trip to Medford, which of course, he helped unload from the car that trip.  No surprises for him.  BUT I got a gorgeous coffee table book of Vivan Maier Photographs.  WOW! I've been fascinated by her story since we saw the film about her discovery.  The book was a perfect present and very unexpected.  Thanks, darling!

Now, sit down, because this may surprise you - the movie we saw was 50 Shades of Grey!  I know, we seem like the wrong demographic for it and perhaps we are! Neither of us liked it very much.

We both read the books, and were wondering how in the world they were going to make a movie.  When the release date was announced, well, this movie seemed odd for a Valentines Day debut!!!

The story, in the books, is all about Ana's inner dialog with her "inner goddess" and her sub-conscience.  Problematic for a movie.  So what they ended up with was many soulful looks and alot of naked scenes.  Sorry to say, it didn't live up to the book.

However, it was interesting how they adapted the book.  I was glad to see it for that.

We came home and watched "Gone Girl" on DVD.  Had heard it was as good as the book, but this weekend, neither was as good as the book! Oh well!

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