Monday, April 29, 2013

Home again, home again and all is well!

April was a stressful month!  But at the end of it - all is well!

First, of course, darling Mr K was born.  He's doing so well and big brother is adorable with him.  His little voice making two syllables into 4+.     You should hear what he can do with "Hi!"  Too cute!

Then we had a scare with my dear SIL.  He's a jogger - training for a marathon and had a spot on his nether-areas.  He went to his GP and he said, "Hmmm, I pretty sure that's a bug bite, but I am concerned with this that I found. You're going to a Urologist."

Long 'nail-biting' story shortened -- after blood tests; Ultra-sound, CAT scan, MRI.  The Urologist wasn't sure what it was but  said, "I want it out."  Well, it was testicular cancer.  J is 35 this week and we thank God for that bug!  It was pre-stage1.  He's cancer-free and will be scanned several times a year for a while - but there's no sign of it spreading anywhere.  Of course, there always is the shock of going to a dr for a bug bite and finding out you have cancer!  But he's getting his mind around it.

When I was up there, he said - in a very pitiful voice, "L can you get me a glass of juice, because I have testicular cancer!?!?!"

I replied,"J."
"Yes, Mom?"
"You can get your own juice because you are a CANCER SURVIVOR!"
"Yes, Mom!"

So poor L - 9 months pregnant with twins (she was a surrogate for good friends of theirs.) was the caregiver for J after surgery.  It was a long week before he got the "All Clear".  L said, "Now we can finally relax!  Well, until labor!!"

The twins were born April 20.  The little girl was 4'12 and the big brother was 5'14!!  There was the usual concerns about twins, but all was well and they should be released today from the hospital.

L was so anemic they kept her 2 days in the hospital after a natural birth; and gave her two units of blood. But she is bouncing back in her usual style! Sunday they were all at the zoo!!

And during this period my mom was in the hospital for pneumonia for the 3rd time this year.  She's back home and I'll be seeing her Mother's Day for my spring visit.  Hey, Nebraska! Spring weather would be appreciated!! Work on that, would you???

I missed my Bayshore Babes quilt retreat while helping up at Portland.  But I was on my way home Thursday and they were still all there - so I stopped by, stayed the night and had a great time vegging out after a stressful month! Thanks, Babes, for the warm welcome for someone who was 4 days late!!!

I managed to get my house blocks done.  We're getting together tomorrow to start the last two blocks in the original pattern.  We, of course, are adding 3 blocks to make it square and top and bottom borders of mountains and ocean!!  Might as well make it your own especially if you're starting it late anyway!!

Here's the link to the first 2 blocks.  And here are the blocks - officially block 4 and 5:

These are 'almost' done - there's some animals but I think they need to be enlarged just a skootch!  I machine blanket stitch around them and they are pretty darn small!  But that means I have to be organized enough to remember to take the patterns into town and stop at the copy shop!  Hasn't happened yet!

Miss P is in an "ARTIST" stage.  She had me pose with a can of Sierra Mist!!  And my, she was cranky when I moved at all!!  But I really think she "GOT ME"!!!  What do you think??  Friends told me it looked like I was holding a cell phone, but that couldn't be right - my cell phone is always in the other room!!! LOL!

We had gorgeous weather yesterday - and an awesome low tide too!!  Here's some photos taken with my phone - just to urge you to visit the Oregon coast - especially on the gorgeous days!!!

That's home!  Last building on the left!

Tide pools - always fun to poke around in!

Wide beaches to walk.

View from the top of the hill where we started!

Enjoy spring wherever you are!!

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Mary said...

Glad all is well. Never a dull moment for you. The houses are so cute. I like the idea of adding the sky on top and land on the bottom. Nice that you could go and spend one night with your retreat babes.