Saturday, April 6, 2013

He's Here!!!

Mr K made his debut Tuesday, April 2, 2013.  Welcome to the family, Cutie-Pie!!

We got to meet him on Tuesday when we hurried across the mountains to see him.  We met the babysitter and took Mr D to the hospital to meet his new brother.  Very exciting!  Mr D will be 2 next week.  Here he is playing "yogurt" games with Papa.  Although he can certainly feed himself, we love interacting with him whilst he's trapped in the high chair.  It's about the only time we can get an 'in focus' picture of him. The rest are blurs as he runs by!!!

Don'cha just love the toes bracing against the high chair tray shown below!!

Although I bound Mr K's baby quilt and added handquilting details in the little panels at their house - I'm happy to report the baby quilt was done within 2 days of Mr K's debut!!  Why - that's practically a miracle!!

Beach Baby - approximately 40 x 55 - lasagna quilt with beach panels added.

A couple of years ago I started picking up ziplock baggies of beach fabrics at sales.  Last year, in the midst of a sewing space clean-up, I decided to see how far they would take me.  Now you quilters know, that you always end up adding from your own stash ... like the white fishie strips were from Miss P's Fish quilt, but I made THREE baby quilt tops from the baggies+!!

I really shudder to think how many quilts I can make from the stash!!!  BUT moving on ... J&A picked this top for Mr K last fall when we knew he was coming.

I used Warm 'N Natural batting; a nautical flannel backing from JoAnn's - I fell in love with the little crabs!  I walking foot quilted it.  In the close ups you can see my Washable marker markings on the borders - the pictures were taken before I washed it before leaving it there.

Sleep tight, Little One.  Nana will be back soon!!


Mary said...

Such great news! That is a very cute quilt for Mr K. Hope you do get to go back soon Nana.

Deb said...

He's just a cutie, how many more grandkids do you think you'll have? I've still just got one!