Monday, February 7, 2011

Busy busy busy!!

Oops - I skipped a week (or two) - there goes that resolution!! We've had great weather this last month - and I hesitate to brag about it. Both because no one else has had good weather and I'm afraid I'll jinx it!

I was up in Portland babysitting while L&J went to a Trail Blazer game. We did great - even though I was solo this time. First question was: "where's papa?". Well, he stayed home to golf - do you want to call him?? YES. "But papa, you always come with Nana!" 4 years old and an expert at piling on the guilt - but aren't they all?!?

Last time we were there Papa whistled with his fingers in his mouth and Mr M turned to me with a quizzical look on his face, stuck one finger in his mouth and blew hard! I knew exactly what he was asking!! "No, sweetie, Papa didn't come this time!" We had Nana's soup and watched movies and ate cake!! Just a usual day with Nana!!

We finally got pictures of the cute outfits my sister sent them from Nebraska for Christmas! What can I say - it's a busy household!

Then to Silverton for the quilt show with friends from Newport. The show was at the Oregon Gardens - 80 acres of wonderful theme gardens! Highly recommend visiting if you garden at all! Even I enjoyed it!!

Last weekend was the Brookings guild retreat. 29 crazy quilters at the Gold Beach Resort - it was fun fun fun!! Two members each taught - new techniques and great quilts. Seeing the show and tell was awesome - all the different color-ways, every quilt looked different!

I, of course, did my own thing!!! I missed the last guild meeting because of the babysitting in Portland and didn't get the instructions and supply list. So I worked on the 2nd Eric Carle bunk bed quilt. At the last minute I threw in a gallon size baggie of 2 inch squares. So between the bunk bed quilt and activities, I sewed together NINETY scrap nine patches!! I could have sewed more but ran out of time and 'beige-ing' squares!! Makes you wonder how many quilts you can make with the entire stash!!

I might be out of touch for the next week or so --- crazy schedule. But know I'll have even more to tell you when I post again!!

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