Saturday, January 22, 2011

2nd UFO done for the year!!

I am on a roll!

But I'm ashamed to say that I actually wore this jacket once without it being finished! The whole class was supposed to wear our jackets to guild last June. My sleeves weren't 'bound' or hemmed or whatever you want to call it!! But I figured no one could tell with a raw edge jacket!! And they couldn't! ... til I told them!! Why do we do that????

My DH doesn't like this jacket. And I purposefully made it all one color - but it's still too 'quilty' for the likes of him. I picked dark blues because 1) I have a truckload of blues, 2)it's my favorite color and 3) I have a jeans kind-of lifestyle! I just heard all my friends say "Duh!" LOL! Definitely describes my lifestyle, especially now that we are retired and live on the 'casual' coast!

We cut 2x4 inch pieces of our fabrics - tons of them! We slit up the side seams following that seam all the way out to our cuffs. The sweatshirt was prewashed and the right size! We started tiling the fabrics up from the bottom edge. You overlap the fabric 1/4 inch so that the edges stay together and don't show the sweatshirt. We didn't cut the front - but did draw a line that showed us where we would cut when we were done piecing. A whole lot of "Glue-Baste It" was used!! Along with spools of thread, small zigzag stitch and parallel lines of quilting a quarter inch away from each other.

There were a few of us in class making 1 color jackets. But there were some wonderful jackets using Bali-pops too!

Anyway, I finally bound the sleeves and covered the inside jacket seams and threw it in the wash. That helped lose some of the loose threads that are all over this jacket. Unfortunately it also split some of the too scant overlaps! DARN! So I "patched" over the bad seams with more of the same fabrics - and I'm not telling you where!!

That patching took longer than I thought - next time I think I'll wash it on "gentle"!!

I'm not planning on ever making this jacket again - but if I did, I would sew the pieces together like patchwork and then 'quilt' it onto the sweatshirt. Those loose threads drive me nuts!!! [is that just my Type A personality showing???] After dealing with this project, on a hunch, I'm never going to make a rag quilt!!

I'm joining some Newport friends at the Stitches in Bloom Quilt show in Silverton after babysitting for my daughter Monday. And I think I'll wear my jacket with no guilt because it's DONE-DONE!!! Hooray!!

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