Friday, November 13, 2009

Rain rain rain!!! Okay - I'm whining!

Here is the one sunset we were able to enjoy this week - I know, isn't it beautiful. But, seriously, would it hurt to have a day without rain??

Today's weather was really interesting. I woke up at 3:30ish - pretty unusual for me!! and the wind was already howling from the South. When it rained, it was truly raining sideways! Then it got calm for, I'm not sure, 30 minutes maybe? Long enough that we noticed and remarked that maybe it was going to clear up today. Then, BAM, the wind was howling from the North! Was that an eye of a hurricane??

I finished two things this week. Hip hip hooray! But I can't show them to you - Boo Hiss! I finished Mr M's name banner and since it doesn't say "Mr M" on it ... you'll just have to trust me!

The second finish was my favorite baby quilt panel machine quilted and with a satin binding. I'm not crazy about satin bindings - it kept sticking to my hands. Now you know my little secret ... manicures are not top on my list!!! Is everyone else's hands really dry from all the hand washing during flu season???

It was my first time using 505 spray basting - yes, M - I finally tried it and I liked it! And my first time for the satin binding, I'm sure I'll get better with that. Maybe I'll wear my machine quilting gloves next time! I'll try to get a picture of Mr M with the baby quilt this weekend.

I was a couch potato this week because of a problem with my foot - all better now! AND I was able to read Stephen King's newest - Under the Dome. 1074 pages!!! It came out on Monday, I was first on the request list at the library and I was done Wednesday evening! I was a 'power-couch-potato!'

I liked it! It got kind of strange at the end - bringing all those story lines back together - but you expect that with him. I think it's the best thing he's written since the accident. Not as edgy as some of them have been. I'm smiling thinking there can't be too many grey haired Nanas who finished it that quickly!!! If you're a fan - don't let the size scare you away. It reads really fast! And let me know what you think!

I'm happy to report that the Back to School ABC block exchange I was running at the guild was a success. ALL the blocks came in on time!!!! Hip hip hooray, indeed. Of course, not everyone followed the instructions, but close enough for government work, I guess! When I woke up this am - when it was obvious I wasn't going back to sleep ... I drew out settings for the ABC blocks. It's really going to be fun!

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