Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summertime and the living is crazy!

Woke up monday morning - okay, DH woke me up to see a giant full rainbow over the ocean. 6:15 but it was totally worth it! For a few minutes there was even a double rainbow - it lasted long enough to take pictures. Did you know that you can't focus on a rainbow - it's a reflection! [Duh!] So you have to focus on the land or the horizon and then move to where the rainbow is. I couldn't think of one person here that I knew well enough to call and tell them to look out the window! I took a nice nap Monday afternoon!

I finally got my summer postcards done. Machine problems plagued me throughout. I used the coast shop hop cars and set up. I called them "Are we there yet?" I, of course, had to make one for Miss P - but put the bear in her car - it seemed like he was that big too! The map portion is a map of France - it was the only map I could find but figure that there's always "wine-ing" on vacations!

I'm going to give away one of the postcards. [the bear has been spoken for, however!] Leave a comment on my blog this week and I'll pick one person to send my extra postcard to. Drawing will be Sunday.

One last bear picture - for now!


Jean Louisiana said...

I love your blog. I love the beach and water, you have a beautiful view. I also love bears. I have yet to see one of the postcards, but would love to learn to make them. I would really love to receive one of yours. They are lovely.
Jean Louisiana

gjiquilt2 said...

I didn't realize how long it had been since I checked out your blog. I'm impressed with all you have been doing and reading. The time of the entry impresses me the most. I love the rainbows. WOW! I just finished the snowmen that I needed to back when you were home! Miss ya, Glenda