Monday, June 15, 2009

I hate deadlines!

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. quote by Douglas Adams [Is he nuts?]

Caution: I'm cranky tonight!

I think I'm through with any big project that has a deadline attached to it. I do have a few summer postcards due at the end of the month ... but I'll worry about that tomorrow! aka Scarlet!

I also need an UFO done before the next guild meeting - but looking forward to putting into practice what I learned in a machine quilting class last week.

Last month's deadline was the "Sesquicentennial-ish" hand pieced and hand quilted project. I finally got the 'story' to go with it done this week. Coming up with a story was surprisingly hard! These quilts are going to be displayed in businesses around the county to advertise our show. There will be a map and it will kind of be like a scavenger hunt to see them all.

Last week I finally finished my 'paint chip challenge' for guild. What a bugger! It was a feathered star with feathered lightning-streak borders. only 3 fabrics allowed - and you know how I hate non-scrap quilts! muslin and very light blue + one ofther of my choice. 24" x 24" and there was 397 pieces. I'm glad I didn't count those up until AFTER I was done. It was still smoking when I handed it over to the challenge mom. There's some awesome quilts in the challenge - TOUGH competition. Ribbons will be awarded at the August quilt show. On my birthday - do you think it will give me an edge??? LOL!

This weekend I repaired my son's denim quilt. Never again! It would be easier to make a new one than repair a denim quit. I feel like I was wrestling alligators all weekend! If Miss P would ask me "Is Nana happy?" Nana would say "NO!" However, the dryer just turned off - so that's officially DONE! A & J2 visit this week - so I'm actually not going to be working on it at the very last second. I will, however, not sign this work - in fact I may deny any involvement! The repairs did not go well!

Tomorrow we go to babysit and we'll have a surprise in the car. Last week our neighbor pulled up behind me when I was getting out of the car. R is a stern-looking man that kind-of makes me nervous. My first thought was, "oh,oh - what did I do wrong?" Then he asked if I'd like a teddy bear for Miss P. Well, it's the biggest bear I've ever seen - R shows rebuilt old cars and this bear rode around in Americruises and sat in the truck when it was being shown. It's too big to sit in the backseat of the Pacifica - it barely fits in the cargo area!! Miss P and Mr M are going to love it! I'll take pictures tomorrow. We leave at o'dark thirty in the am to babysit for 2 days.

I'll be in a better mood next time - I promise.


Michele's Quilting Journey said...

What a beautiful feathered star! And yes, you should have a leg up in the competition..birthday and all..but if not, put those feet up anyway, woman! You've been working way too hard! Show a pic of big bear when he's delivered...inquiring minds want to know.

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Pretty star.....maybe someday I'll make one......or not. I liked your comment about deadlines whooshing by...just wish they could be ignored.

I repaired a quilt for my DIL that her grandma had made for her when she was 9. A big Eleanor Burns Trip Around the World. All the pink & purple square had completely disintegrated so I had to take it completely apart and replace them. It had been "birthed" and tied but I cut the borders down a little because she wanted the backing preserved because it was so soft and machine quilted it in a large meander. I thought that would provide some support for the older seams. She got it back with the warning that fixing it again was not an option so she'd better take good care of it. Making a whole new quilt would have been SO much easier & quicker, but it just wouldn't have the same sentimental value.