Sunday, November 11, 2007

Moving in Slow motion!

I felt so out of it this weekend - everything seems to be taking twice the time I thought it would. I had some cuddle quilt tops from guild. In the last week I tied two of them and sewed the binding on. I tied the third this weekend and I hand-bound all 3 cuddle quilts to turn in tomorrow night at Guild. It seemed to take forever. I really thought I would get more than that done ... but no.

Miss P is at the top of the page - in her Halloween costume - I couldn't resist, since that's how I've been feeling - like a turtle!

C, a good friend, sent me her stash! She's cleaning out and consolidating an apartment and her home - and we both like the same types of fabrics ... I pulled 3 grocery bags of the fabrics to share - but it's really hard not to add ALL of it to my sewing room! I only kept less than 1/2???? Isn't that ridiculous ... I need to clean out; I went on "no-buy" and I'm keeping 2 grocery bags of C's stash ... I guess, I'd have kept it all before! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


kate said...

CUTIE Miss P!!!
I'm gonna enjoy watching you go No Buy this year!!! Workshop is going to be harrrrrddddd!

Greenmare said...

VERY CUTE little turtle!!
if you need to hide some of that stash, you can just bring it on over to my house~ I discovered last night that I have a hole in the purple area of my stash, now how did that happen? ;-)