Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ladies - start your sewing machines!

Not only is it the weekend, it's also many days less to Christmas than you think it is!!! Did that make sense? We've had such a mild fall this year that Christmas season is sneaking up FAST! I don't want to talk about it NOR think about it! :>

We'll be headed to Oregon for Christmas and while we're there we will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary! WOW! It's amazing how fast it can go!

I read a great quote on Stashbusters this week. "I keep forgetting it's my children who are 30; not me!!!" She used a larger age for her children ... but I smile everytime I think of it.

This weekend I hoping to:

. design and cut outer borders for "Birds of a Feather"
. design and mark quilting for the 2 borders of "Starry Starry Nights"
. wash and cut pink nickels for the two disappearing 9patch graduation quilts. (I have pieced the 9 patches for the green one - but holding back on that one until I get the pink ones done. I'm not that fond of pink!!! But it is growing on me!

I've got soup in the crockpot for dinner, DH just left to play golf - I'll let you know how it works out!!!

Happy Weekend!


Ise Hakanud Lillekasvataja said...

I wish You success!

Sweet P said...

I hope you got your list done for the weekend.

Where in OR are you spending Christmas and celebrating your anniversary? DH and I love Oregon.