Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stash Management - ha - it's managing me!!!

Okay - I read the digests from Stashbusters. I'm attracted to all the magazine articles about arranging your space. I even have the book ... so why am I wallowing in stash!!!

Last week I admitted that my sewing space looked like a tornado went thru it - twice. It's not better! I'm working with my nickel squares - making disappearing 9patch college graduation quilts for next May. [FIVE family members need quilts!]My nickels take up most of 2 office paper boxes. Well, they've exploded as I thumb thru them finding pinks and greens. The stash is falling out of the closet ... so I started sorting thru my least favorite color groups. Using the "I don't like you anymore" method of sorting - I've gone thru 3 milk crates. [ 1/4 paper box gleaned] I think I'll keep a 5" strip from each one before I pass it on.

I start "no buy" next month and I need it bad! Meanwhile - what a mess and Christmas is looming ... my sewing space hardly ever gets "better" this time of year.

Send help!


kate said...

Doni, It looks better than my room! You're missing the elliptical machine and the quilting machine...and the pattern cupboard...and the quilt cupboard. Starting to get the picture? I have a path through the room! HELP!!!

Greenmare said...

I have choclate and coffee, and with enough of both I could rule the world, so I think your measly little conflagration there is no match for ...WONDERQUILTER! humm some theme music at this point okay? I'm sending you some telepathic help right now....... I bet you felt that didn't you?

swooze said...

You have lots of space. Grouing things will help. Just get rid of what you no longer want and decide if what you have is the amount you intend to keep then get storage to fit. If you plan to keep a smaller stash buy storage to match that. It will come together!

swooze said...

That is supposed to say grouping!