Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A December full of Surprises!! But all is well at the end!

Hi! Wishing everyone an uneventful Holiday season.

That's not happening here!  December 7th, my DH failed a stress test spectacularly!  Three ambulance rides and a Life-Flight took us from his visit at our Medical offices here in Brookings - to Curry Hospital in Crescent City to Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford.  On Friday he had a very revealing Angioplasty test and Monday he had Quadruple Bypass surgery!

We were lucky - the only pain he had was during the stress test and again during the Angioplasty. His heart was not damaged.  In fact, when one artery was blocked it made it's own capillary into the heart to keep it's blood supply going!  It's true - my DH has a good heart!!

When telling anyone that DH had heart surgery, the most popular answer is "Him?  Seriously??"  A total surprise to all of us - even DH thought it was GERD!

Rogue Regional is a top 100 US hospital and you can tell.  The facilities are great, the doctors are top-notch; the nurses are patient; the CVAs are awesome. Even the housekeepers were friendly.  It was so reassuring to be there and be 'coddled' as we learned about this procedure.

The best thing about being a 'younger' Baby Boomer is that they have it all worked out by the time we have it!!  We came home Saturday!(Just 5 days after open heart surgery!!) And he's doing great!

I must admit I missed a step walking out of the Medford Walmart last week - where the big sign said "Only X days until Christmas"!!  WHAT?  The whole world isn't in limbo with me - time is still moving??  Oh dear!

So we're going to see if Doni can do 'low-key' Christmas!  No more cookies; I am decorated - did that the weekend before! We won't be traveling to the kids or having them come here - we hope to open presents with them all later next year.

A quiet Christmas - that will be a new experience, but oh-so-much-better than it could have been - if that episode would have happened outside a medical facility!

I'm putting a giant bow on his head - that's my present this year!!

Many thanks to our kids who made everything as easy as possible for us.  From B&Bs services to hand-holding during the hard parts!  We couldn't have asked for any better support.

Everyone should be thankful I'm not doing our letter this December - I have some really interesting photo possibilities ... that I'm absolutely not using!!

We discovered my DD is quite squeamish!  She turned a little green just seeing the Black Marker lines on DH's legs marking the veins!

Here's to a new healthy (and quilty) New Year for all!


Sue Malone said...

Good Gracious, Doni. I had no clue when I saw you in the store that you had just been through such a time! So glad all is well. Quiet Christmas's are often quite nice. Wishing for you a wonderful one and for happy times to come with family when you are ready.

Mary said...

I am so glad your Husband is OK! It could have ended much worse than it did. Ya, he'll be your best gift this year. Take good care. I know,I for one will be so glad when this year is DONE!