Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Making Quilt Kits

Lat weekend I went up to Portland, the weather was coooperating and Miss P had her first basketball game of the season.  I started at the crack of dawn and arrived just as the kids got out of school.  Our schedule was a moving target but we had fun.

First on the to-do list was to finish a special project that I was too sick to help with over the Christmas visit. (Thank goodness, that episode is over!)

We often make presents for their mom and dad.  One year we made "52 reasons we love you".  The kids dictated the reasons to me.  I wrote them down, printed them off and we all glued them to cards.  I punched holes in the cards and they connected them all by yarn ... I was there a week that visit and we just barely got it done!!  Pinterest is the best and worst place to research these "nifty gifties!"  If you love Pinterest - you know what I mean!!

This year Miss P saw some plaques made with Scrabble tiles.  My first thought, was "Good Grief, who taught this kid about Pinterest!"  Oh, never mind - it was me!

I didn't like the columns of letters next to each other because reading across was NOT words!  But I refined it with crossword puzzle assembly.  We were doing this all long distance!!  She'd send me a pin, I'd send back an idea ... great fun because there were snow days before Christmas and this helped!  It was all very hush-hush!

It was time to pick words.  There were names, hobbies, favorite teams, dogs ...
Miss P was picking things she's like to do!  Ice skating!!! No, we have to pick things that will remind you of all the times you did that, it's not a to-do list!!!

I had an old scrabble board, found and bought new scrabble tiles on Amazon.  You know, there are only 99 slightly oblong letter tiles in every game.  AND you can't spell much with them!  Especially names!  We have a lot (relatively speaking) "Y"s and "K"s in our family!  But not a lot of them in the games!

The kids were still coming up with ideas.  There are crossword puzzle makers online.  You put in the words, they come up with a layout.  I started with that. Longest word first when making these!  BUT sometimes the words were not placed as you would like.  So I got out the graph paper and started adjusting.

It's quite addicting! In the end we had 21 words.  We had to spell Lego with 2 "G"s to fit in "Gus" the new German Shepard!!  We figured it was worth it!

I got home Monday afternoon - tomorrow I go to retreat.  Yikes! What was I thinking? Two days to get ready for retreat??? AND I have to make soup for one of the meals??  So I've been oh-so-busy getting 'quilt kits' made to take with me.

Ideally, I would have Mary Poppin's carpet bag.  Any supply you need, any fabric from home, even any snack, photo, comfy pants ... just reach in and grab it!  But, it's not to be.  So you have to think "What will I be in the mood to work on??" and take 50 of your favorite choices!  Well, it is a 4 day retreat!!!  LOL!

I tried to add a picture of the scrabble project, but Photo Shop is not following my artistic ideas today!!  I need to blur out the proper names ... better look next time!

But here are some of the kits I'm making for baby quilts for retreat!

               Geometry                                               Log Cabin Table Runner


Yes - we have a scrappy theme --- AGAIN!  I always have a scrappy theme!!

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