Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sisters recap

Sisters was a great show this year.  The weather was just in the upper 70s!!  Practically sweater weather for Sisters!  It did rain on us all the way there on Friday, but no problems on Show Day (Saturday).

My day - in no particular order!!  Both devises were very low on battery power way before I was ready to stop taking pictures!!  So I kept switching!  Even mixed myself up!

I love this mixed up sampler!

Looks like modern houses on a cliff - sort of!

Beautiful melding of colors

Very interesting medallion!

My friend Karen D did this awesome whale!

Blooming 9patch - on my someday list!

Loved that circle - the modern quilts are getting really interesting.  
They've come a long way in a very short time!

Now this quilt could easily adapt to a selvedge quilt, the sashing strips were just 3/4" x 3" 
- wouldn't it be fun!

Loved this - look at the sky diagonals, the floating borders, the reflections in the water!

Ann Shaw is coming here for a workshop in Sept.  This is one of her new "pet" series - hope she brings the patterns!  I have grand-dogs, grand-bunnies and grand-lizards you know!!

R and I faithfully represent Stashbusters online quilt guild each year!

My friend C quilted the Sisters Raffle quilt this year - she's an artist with a long-arm machine

This year we stayed at the Pronghorn Golf Resort.  Very nice but in the middle of nowhere!  It's 30 minutes from Bend and 30 minutes from Redmond. But we loved the cookies in our room, the hot tub at night and the fun patio surrounded by flowers.

The two golf courses were designed by two well known golf pros.  But I swear the 4 mile approach must have been designed by Mario Andretti!!!  Nothing but curve after curve - for no apparent reason!  Just strange to me!

Sunday we took the 'scenic route' to Portland.  We wanted to have the famous (to us) clam chowder at Horsefeathers in Hood River.  They don't make it any more!  :(  But the smoked salmon chowder was tried ... it was okay!  (We're tough customers - don't mess with our favorites!!!)

We'd planned to stop at the waterfalls in the afternoon, it had been a long time since we'd visited and hiked up Multnomah .  Didn't know it was "Quick, go to the waterfalls day!"  No parking and Traffic with a capital T!  So we'll try again in the fall - on a week day!

Monday the Davis Cup started with a kid's event so we took the kiddos there. Mom was working it and kept track of what we should do and see.  It was set up so nicely - the kids got to grab some rackets and volley with tennis teachers and enthusiasts!  Sometimes for prizes!! It was hot but well organized and we had our water with us.

Both playing side by side

While waiting in line they played a mean tennis "air guitar"!!

And then there was face painting with an air-brush! A big hit!

 And that was just the start of our time with them.  More later on what happened here on the coast!

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