Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's raining, it's pouring, but ain't nobody snoring!!!

I mean really - who can sleep in this storm!  The wind woke me up at 4 am.  That is hard to do. Number 1 - I usually sleep very well!
Number 2 - My ear is stuffed up again. :(
Number 3 - we live in a "middle" condo - 2nd floor, condos on all sides of us.  But winter storms can sweep in from both the 'window sides' at once and this is that kind of storm!

We also have been known to be in our own little micro-climate out here in Paradise overlooking the ocean.  Brookings Weather station says that we've gotten .02 inches!  Not out here!  Maybe the wind blew their rain gage over???

I skipped water aerobics - the drive to Crescent City is too scenic!!  In other words, tall trees line the hwy and I'm a big chicken, it's a 40 minute drive and we have to start at dawn this time of year. Hmm, possible hazards in the dark???  Sewing day for me!

But first!!!!  I handed off the refurbished Advent Calendar to DS on Thanksgiving.  That brought up the subject that DD doesn't do one for Miss P and Mr M.  When I got home I looked on my Pinterest "Advent Calendar" board (doesn't everyone have one????) and found a Random Act of Kindness Advent activity.  I gathered all the activity suggestions (around 200 between all the links!) and emailed it to DD.  Hopefully, she'll get it going.  You cut out strips of paper with the activity written (typed) on it, put them in a jar, box, basket, bowl ... and have the children draw one out each morning.  That night they report back if they were able to do it.  Then you can staple the paper onto a ribbon and create a banner or garland to remember doing these.  Cool!

Then I read that RAKs helps whenever life is hard.  It's a good activity to get you out of your own head and focusing on someone else.  Sounds like a good activity for me too!  So I printed out my research and took it to my small quilting group.  We decided, "No pressure" but lets see how many we can do?  That was Monday night.  Tuesday I was under the weather :( but I DID unlock the door for my DH who was coming back from a golf weekend.  (He really hates trying to guess which locks need to be unlocked while balancing all the stuff from the car!)

Yesterday I went to the PO.  Poor planning on my part!  Our poor little PO has been under siege this year.  We lost our auxiliary office in Harbor. AND they downsized our Main PO - both deliveries and the staff!  It was a double whammy.  We only have one truck out of this burg with mail - 11 am.  That's when the truck brings the mail too. (Which adds a day to delivery time right off the bat!)  We already live at the edge of the world, Trust me, delivery was already slower than molasses!

The line was long, just one clerk working, some jerk in line was talking loudly on "this is why we have road rage ..."  When I got to the clerk I thanked her for keeping her calm and always being friendly even with a line in front of her the entire day.  I bought my stamps, sent my package and managed NOT to kick that guy in the shins on the way out!!!  I count that as double points!!!!

Here is the kid's advent calendar post that started all this! Follow her links to add more choices.

OR you can email me and I'll send you my research!!

We had a fun Thanksgiving.  The dogs were fascinated by the 2 yr old and kept trying to herd him into a corner!  Luckily Mr K was NOT intimidated - he has an older brother!!  But whenever he sat on the floor, the dogs came running to clean his face!!! It was a giggle-fest on Mr K's part.

Then trying to arrange a photo opp with that many people - well, we got some good ones, if you like blurry!!

Look at the lower left corner - Mr M is much faster after his first year of baseball!!

Here is everyone but my daughter, who is the photographer!!  Happy Holidays!! (I held the "photo bomber" in custody!!)

Tomorrow is my first Christmas party and I'm so excited!  It's our Woolies group and we exchange presents!  As a good friend in NE said, "this is my favorite Christmas - presents from people who "get me"!"  It will be a fun day.  This weekend I can show you what I made for them! Had to keep it a surprise, you know!

Other sewing lined up:
Finish a name banner for a new baby; and the flannel blankie that goes with it
Pillowcase 3 other flannel blankies for the Brookings Baby Shower
Quilt an I Spy baby blanket.

Hmmm, not too Christmas-y but this is all to clear the way for the last of the Christmas gifts that need to be made!! PJ pants for all kids in my life! and another secret gift for my small group.

Off I go to the Sweat Shoppe!

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