Saturday, October 31, 2015

Season's Greetings, Dearie!!! in other words - Happy Halloween!

Why, oh why, do we love Halloween so much!  Why couldn't we love something in summer so all our Holiday decorating isn't the last 3 months of the year!!!  Oh well, I do love it!

Here's some more pictures of the Halloween quilts - with the grands!

Don't you just love that 'spontaneous' zombie hand coming up from the back of the quilt????  I love elementary school age!  They are so-o funny! This was the second skeleton quilt - and I like the calm of the checkerboard compared to the disappearing 9patch.  These quilts were tied after quilting around the panel.  I love a tied quilt - it molds around your body so much, keeping all the heat close!

I imagined these quilts being brought out in the Fall and used until after Halloween.  Washed and hidden away until the next fall.  When I mentioned that to my DD she said, "I don't think that is going to happen, mom.  We're still dragging out the baby quilts to sleep with when we don't feel good!!" Oh well!

Both strippie quilts were quilted with a walking foot on my DSM.  If you enlarge the picture - you can see it.  They turned out well!


Strippie quilt.  Note there are 2 Orange fabrics in the one on the left.  I may have been a little 'stressed' working to deadline.  I lost one of the black fabric strips on my black wool design wall!!!  Imagine my surprise when I walked back into the "Staging Area" (no longer a sewing room!  No room to sew in there!!!!) and spotted it after redesigning the quilt! Sometimes I truly miss my mind!

This 4 yr old face - doesn't it just melt your heart????

The skeleton is about the size of a thinner 4 yr old???  I really wanted these pictures of the kids standing next it it.  It won't grow, but they are all shooting up like weeds! Note "Nap Anatomy" was made with disappearing 9patch blocks.  It's chaotic!  Perfect for a Halloween quilt, but I did do checkerboard for Mr Bones, the second one. 

Parental units with the kids!  This was the only time that Mr K, 2 yrs old, stood still for a picture. The rest of him are just blurs!!  (Hope for better luck next visit!) 2nd skeleton pictured with the Portland bunch.  Hmmm, I didn't change those sizes, I must have taken the Portland picture with "square" on the Ipad! Trust me, the quilts are the same size!


And at long last - a finished UFO!  I took this class in fall 2014.  Adapted from a pattern that had the pumpkin stems/leaves hanging off like penny rug flaps.  I didn't want to deal with that fussy work and my table is big.  This 17 x 43 runner is a better fit for me.

The pumpkins are hand appliqued using blanket stitch, the strips were couched and I used warm and white batting.  It's sturdy!  I machine quilted it with my DSM.  I can't hand quilt through all those layers.  My mind thinks I'm 30 but my hands feel like they are 90!  I'm starting to get picky about what I do by hand.  AND it wouldn't have been done - back to the bottom of the UFO pile for sure!!

At our babysitting gig,  DD left me the homework assignment about our 1st graders' heritage.  Asked DSIL where his family is from "Dunno! somewhere in Europe?"

Hmm, deadline looming, must be boy-ish or Mr M won't do it.  Well, okay then - how about England and we can make a Buckingham Palace guard!  Off to JoAnn's for some felt - which thankfully was on sale.  You'd be so proud of me!  Two grands in tow, into JoAnn's - and coming out with ONLY what was needed for this project!  It may have been a first!

Miss P - my 3rd grader - was involved in all the conversations; the shopping and then she (because she wasn't allowed to do the project for Mr M - which they both would have preferred!!!) made her own person.  She had a "Peace" t shirt; jeans and very stringy embroidery floss hair!

Mr M cut out the paper patterns we drew on the Flat Stanley type doll.  He placed and glued clothing, drew the face, designed a gun and sewed on the buttons!  Those weren't going to stay put glued!  Of course, all with my help and supervision!  It took a couple of hours, but turned out really good!

At the end, the funniest thing happened.  Miss P turned to me and said, "Gee, when I did this project, I was Swedish!  Can we have different ancestors?"  YEP!  Remembering that would have saved alot of texting and anguish. Oh well, I believe we were working closer to Christmas that time.  DH does have Swedish ancestors and we liked the idea of candles on her head!!!

Did I mention he has the same teacher!?!?!?  Hope she has a sense of humor!

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