Thursday, January 8, 2015

Creativity - what does it look like??

I think creativity looks like this! (image is from  I love stacks of quilts - what's not to like!

My DH thinks it looks more like this!! This was my beloved sewing room back in NE.  I think (hope) it was a "before" picture.  But I'm afraid this was probably pretty usual!  My DH used to say I would always have a sewing room, so he could have the rest of the house!!  LOL!

Of course, you have to work in/through DH's version to get to my "version".

Last year, in Stashbusters Online Group, we were challenged to a "Word of the Year" and I chose "reduce".  And I meant in all things - weight; angst; clutter; UFOs; etc.  

I'm sorry to say, I stayed about the same in weight - but that was a move forward!!  I didn't gain a few - which I had been doing.  But I feel a major shift in my brain is happening!  I'm only 62 (snicker) so I should be working on being an adult soon!

But angst; clutter and that "got to have" mentality made big - huge- strides forward!  And forward movement is about the only thing we can aim for.  After all, there is no control group!  To paraphrase the song Santa Baby - "think of all the fabric I didn't buy!!!!"

That brings us to this year.  The word that keeps attracting me is "Create".  Seriously, it's everywhere!  And by "create" I mean in all things again.  Create a healthier life-style, a more comfortable habitat - less clutter, just the things I love.  AND create a studio (sewing room doesn't work for me anymore!!) that inspired me, doesn't make me feel guilty about how much stuff is in the way, is piled around, is NOT being worked on!!

Another thing that is fascinating me is the concept of an "ART Journal".  I've always wanted to be able to draw.  I love drawing pictures with the Gkids - I'm almost as good as they are! They are 1,3,6,8 yrs old!

When we lived in Newport, I took a colored pencil drawing class.  I wasn't too good at it - and one week DH ate my assignment!! (an apple!)  Who knows if I would have stayed with it - we moved.  I do still have the pencils; they've been spared in everything 'clutter attack' here.

Product Details

I think it's going to be interesting to work through.  And what I hope to accomplish is adding drawing/doodling to my life.  By next year - clip-art on the blog just might be drawn by me!!

Want to join me?  Let me know.  I just read Chapter 1 - AND did the assignment!!  You'll laugh at that statement - it was really easy!

So far, I've added doodles to my day.  I'm using the Disney Creativity Studio (there's that word again!)  Why their copyright shows on my silly little beginning doodle is beyond me!

I mailed a package to Miss P and Mr M and drew all over the envelope! And I just learned to hide the mailing address in Photoshop!!  I have to quick add that to my Jan to do list and check it!!  LOL!  I think I might just spend the money and buy white envelopes for the next 'care packages!'  Whoa, Nana!

I did something different for our anniversary and our DD and DS's birthdays.  I wrote 43 memories for our 42nd anniversary; 36 memories for DD's 36th birthday and 40 memories for our DS's 40th!!  It was fun coming up with them.  My DH had fun reading them together.  My DD loved hers!!

So-o Valentine's Day is coming up ... or your own family holidays - try it, you might like it!  We did.

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Karen said...

My husband would say that my sewing room is all over the house!