Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year! Here's to plenty of stitching in 2015!

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright!  We had a ball with our family.  Our 42nd anniversary was also this month.  Talk about time flying!

For our anniversary celebration, we stayed in downtown Portland the Tuesday before Christmas.  Rick got us a room at the Heathman!!  Yep, the famous Hotel in 50 Shades of Grey!  It's very nice!  Rick admitted that 50 Shades is what attracted us to the Hotel and the desk clerk said, "We're mentioned for the first time on page 36 in the first book!"  Oh, yeah - the photo shoot before a date for coffee!!  Tee-hee!  We know it well!

We ate dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse - just a block away.  Shopped the Pearl - gotta go to Powell's every time we're in the area.  Drinks at the Deschutes Brewery; and breakfast the next morning at the Heathman restaurant.

My DH kept reminding me not to get used to it!  But I think I got used to it!!  Very posh. A sitting room, king size bed, eye masks and ear plugs!!  On the menu there was a $10 Intimate kit!!  I was too chicken to ask!  Maybe next time!

The famous Heathman elevator! Yes, we kissed in it - but also giggled!!

The vanity area

Sitting room

Bedroom - they laid out the robes for us!

Huge mirror to the side!

Dinner at Ruth Chris!  Yum!

This was our view - painted on the bldg next to us!

Happy New Year from our corner of the world!  Here's to 2015, filled with bobbins with the right thread on them, fabric that absolutely is perfect ... at your fingertips and time and mojo to quilt to your heart's content!

Message by my DH who hiked down to the beach to write it out!!  So evenly - I'm going to have him do all my messages!!

Happy 2015!!

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