Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Need a quick home-made baby gift?? Receiving blankets to the rescue!

An online friend lamented that she just heard a good friend is having grand-twins due in November.  She has to make quilts, but two in that time frame????  Here's my advise - based on experience, of course!!

Make a set of flannel receiving blankets for each newborn for the shower or new baby presents - thus, buying you time to make a crib quilt.

For one blanket(although I usually buy enough to make at least 2.)  I buy 1 1/3 yards of two flannels (front and back) - JoAnn's flannels are pretty darn cute and usually on sale or coupon-eligible!  Prewash.   (Empty dryer lint-catcher often!!) 

Layer right sides together; smooth or press.  Trim top edge with rotary cutter.  Fold down that edge diagonally. Mark with your ruler where to cut to make a square blanket.  Cut.  If you're making two, repeat and cut the second one at the same time.  Your edges are already together and the flannels are sticking to each other, easy, peasey!

Sew each pair of flannels together, leaving an opening to turn.  Turn - I found that a wooden knitting needle is great for creating edges and turning the corners.  Slip stitch the opening closed.  I top-stitch starting in one corner all the way around on the edge.  Then arbitrarily pick a place easy to follow to top-stitch again inside 4-6 inches away from edge.  On my Janome I follow the place where the free-arm splits.  Wherever, find a mark/guide/line on your machine that's easy for you to line up consistently. This second top-stitching seems to keep the blanket from getting too wonky - just a simple shake out of the dryer lines everything up again.

On my card I write:  Enjoy these blankets:  Wash and dry with cottons  - perfect for swaddling, tummy time or protection from those really big burps!

These blankies are simple and easy.  But they're a big hit every time.  And used too!!

When I'm "on my game" I have a few blankies stockpiled ready for the happy news!!

Enjoy!  doni @ Oregon coast

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Tammy said...

I've made these several times for gifts, along with a burp cloth pattern. I use a place to round the corners. They are so quick; about an hour or so project!