Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shop til you drop ... before my big trip!

Last weekend (alright, it was a month ago now!!  There are issues with working in blogspot on the Ipad ... still working on it!!) we had an 'emergency quilt shop hop'!!  Because I'm not traveling enough this week!!  U and I had not been to the Merrill Quilt Shop and P offered to take us!  What a gal!!  It's a long way from the coast to anywhere ... but especially to Merrill.  So we headed across the mountains to Ashland, where we visited the three quilt shops there and stayed overnight.  We had Chipotle for lunch, Yogurt Hut for an afternoon refresher, and Mexican again for dinner.  Ole!!


First stop was the newest quilt shop in Ashland.  Sew Creative.  The gals there were so very nice.  And it's a very interesting store - lots of wool and interesting projects.

Here is their famous guard dog!!

We fell in love with this scrap quilt.  Bento Box with the HST - kind of like my "Bento Box meets Broken Dishes" [aka Sliced Bread ] pattern on the internet, finished last year.  But a much more dynamic setting!

The very helpful staff - with gals this cute and energetic, you know it's going to be a fun visit!

Love all the wool and embroidery projects out and about to tempt us.

Especially this one!!  Birds ... they're everywhere, they're everywhere!!!

Awesome quilting!

On to one of my favorite stores ... Quiltz in Ashland! Believe it or not, all three stores in Ashland are within walking distance of each other!!  Even on very hot days!  Yes girls, I do have to take your picture!

Quilts is always so clean and airy!  Great selection of fabrics.  What's not to like!

Needlework and embroidery supplies, if they don't have it, you probably don't really need it!

Here we are at Fabric of Vision - right off  Ashland's Plaza - the town square.This tiny little space really packs a punch.  I always find something I H*A*V*E to have here.  Lots of unusual fabrics to draw you in.

A place for a weary  shopper to rest! In front of their VERY FULL Notions wall. If I can't find it anywhere else, I find it here!

Monday, we traveled to Tater Patch Quilts in Merrill. Hey, gals!!  Thanks for letting me take pictures!!
This store is fabulous - two floors, umpteen quilt samples hanging everywhere.  Definitely worth the trip. Don't miss the basement sales room. Spend some time looking around ... if you dare!!!  LOL!

In Oregon the mountains are never out of our eyesight - isn't this a wonderful quilt technique.  Dividing a large [beautiful landscape] into 8 panels.  Just Fabulous.

Funny how this advice doesn't touch on the restorative value of shop-hops!!! What a shame!!

Yep, even the bathroom is quilt-y and entertaining!

So many quilts, so little time!

So, ladies, if you need a tour director for shop hops, I highly recommend Ms Pand me to lay it out.  We had a great time, although the heat did take it out of us "Coastal Peeps"  In fact, I hate to mention it, but someone even skipped our book club that night!!!  We need to build up endurance for shop hops!! You can use fabric stuffed in bags for dumb-bells!!  You'll be glad you did!! LOL!

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Sue Malone said...

OH, I just missed you by a couple of days. Took the quilt I made for my sister to Heart to Heart (next door to Tater Patch) for machine quilting. OF course, even though it is only an hour from my house instead of a day, it still is a big deal and I have to allow LOTS of time for this great store. Glad you had the chance to visit.