Monday, July 1, 2013

Summertime at the coast!

We've had some awesome weather this week - even on the coast! In the 80s?!? Amazing!  Here are some California Poppies planted along the trail to the beach.  Thanks S from A bldg!!

Last Tuesday we met Ms P and Mr M at the Newport Aquarium. DSIL drove them down to meet us.  It rained on us all the way up.  But cleared while we were at the aquarium - yeah!

I love the kid's exhibit this year.  A fishing boat complete with magnetic fishing poles; rubber fish with keyrings to attract the magnets; a store to sell and buy fish at - very busy!! We had a great time AND wore them out - they were asleep within 30 minutes of heading home! I would have gotten a photo of Miss P but my phone camera makes a clicking sound and DH threatened me if I woke them up!!  Imagine!!

Wednesday was just pretty much just fun around the cul de sac.  Thursday we headed to the Portland Zoo along with a bizillion other Portlanders!  Mr M was dressed in an orange t-shirt.  Seems like a perfect shirt to keep an eye on a 4 yr old in.  HA!  There were groups and groups of kids in exactly the same orange shirt!  Well laid plans gone awry!

We stayed for the live bird show - very cool!!  When we got to the giraffe enclosure Miss P exclaimed, "Look Nana, giraffes and cantaloupes!!" That's my girl!!  Enthusiastic, even if slightly wrong!!  Not by much, because they were antelopes, of course.  Too cute though!!

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cityquilter grace said...

cantalopes? a chuckle to start the day....nice photos, cute kids...