Monday, January 21, 2013

January Posts - far and few between

Accept my apology for my disappearing act!  It's been that kind of month!

You may be talking to Royalty this week!!  I'm Lady-In-Waiting #5 on the UFO Queen's list on Stashbusters online.  That was as of 1-16-13 and Lord knows this list has been moving like the wind at Cape Blanco!! [120 mph winds are not unusual in winters!] I'm hunkering down; trying to find the easiest UFO to finish quick-like!  Wish me luck!

I'm wondering if I have lost my mind this year.  Those of you that know me can attest that I RARELY join in on BOMs,  Yes, I did one with Quilted Moose - those kits were just too fun to not join in!!!  But, usually I don't participate in guild offerings.  Well, not so much this year!!  I'm in FOUR!! Not counting poor "Farmer's Wife" that's been sitting neglected for 2 years!!

Brookings is having a 6 month BOM.  Started last fall - seemed easy enough and not too long.  So I joined.  At the Newport Guild, I joined the applique BOM at the beginning of the meeting [20 applique 'Flowers in a vase' blocks] and the "paperless paper piecing Mariner's Compass BOM at the end of the meeting!

Add the Quiltmania House BOM [so far my favorite, but don't tell anyone!] and I'll be lucky to get anything done besides these!  BUT I do have a plan.  Brookings has a "Fun Day" of sewing the last Monday of the month.  There's usually a class for a new technique but everyone is welcome to bring their own projects.  IF my Newport BOMs are not done by then - that's the projects I must work on. I sound sure of myself, we'll see if I can force myself to follow-thru with it!  Here's hoping!

P and I get together when we can and make the Quiltmania block together.  So far, we've managed once a month - and the excitement's building!!  We've done Block 1 and Block 3.  One of the joys of being behind on a BOM is you can switch them up.  Take them out of order. In this case, try to break up all the hard blocks from being in a row.

Off to the sewing room to glare at my UFOs!! All right, you UFOs better cooperate, I want a volunteer and I mean now and you better be easy!!

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ga447 said...

I love the quilted moose, and I have the book for farmers wife. One day I will get to it. Right now have a quilt church commitment, then I need to do 4 quilts for family.